Expressive Girl Face

In this How To Tutorial, you will learn to model a little girl face out of fondant - whose mouth is open and tongue sticking out.

By Cindy Serrano
The Confectionery Gallery

In this time lapse tutorial you will see/learn the following:

  • How to shape your fondant into the facial shape you desire.
  • How to make the first indentation from which you will keep your facial proportions in check.
  • How to locate the nose and mouth lines for reference.
  • How to make the indents in your fondant to begin shaping your expressive/playful/funny face cake topper's mouth and nose, including shaping the chin.
  • How to further define/shape your nose.
  • How to locate the eyebrow arches to create your expressive fondant face.
  • Fondant face modeling how to in creating a mouth opening in an expressive manner and to allow you to have your fondant tongue sticking out.
  • Defining the lips.
  • Where your eye ends are located as a guide to mark your eyes and create your eye sockets.
  • How to add fondant teeth and how to shape the fondant teeth.
  • Fondant face modeling how to in creating a fondant tongue and how to define/add character/add realistic details to your tongue.
  • How to add and attach your fondant tongue sticking out of your cake topper's mouth.
  • How to add fondant to your eye sockets and prepare for painting.
  • How to shape and add the fondant eyebrows.
  • How to add texture to your fondant eyebrows if desired.
  • Creating, shaping, and adding on fondant ears.
  • How to paint fondant eyes to add more expressiveness to your fondant face cake topper.
  • How to paint your fondant face lips.
  • Adding blush to your topper.
  • How to add fondant hair and how to add texture to your fondant face's hair.
  • Adding the support for the ponytails.
  • How to shape the fondant hair ponytails and prepare for attaching to your fondant head.
  • How to create your ponytail slits.
  • Adding the hair finishing touches to your expressive/playful/fondant face cake topper.
  • How to create fly-ways in your fondant hair/ponytails.

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