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Expressive boy face

In this expressive fondant face / sugar craft face modelling tutorial you will learn how to model a fun and expressive fondant fish face with an accompanying fun spiky hairdo.

By Cindy Serrano
The Confectionery Gallery

In this video you will see/learn:

  • The amount of fondant to use for this expressive face.
  • How to begin shaping your fondant face.
  • How to create the lips and nose.
  • How to prepare shaping your fondant lips to create the expressive "fish face."
  • Defining the "fish face" and adding additional details for an additional touch of realism.
  • Defining the cute kid nose.
  • How to mark the eyes and prepare for creating the eye sockets.
  • Inserting the fondant into your eyes and preparing it for painting your eyes.
  • What type of paint to use for painting your eyes.
  • How to create and attach the eyebrows to your expressive fondant face.
  • An easy way to create quick fondant ears.
  • How to create a round head with additional gum paste attached.
  • Preparing your head for adding the fondant hair.
  • How to texture pieces of fondant to create your fondant hair.
  • Adding the fondant hair pieces to your sugar craft face.
  • Finishing your sugar craft face modelling hair by adding additional texture and shaping as desired.


  • As mentioned in the video, one needs to let the sugar craft face modelling head dry at least one day but preferably three days or more. This is necessary as you will be adding a lot of fondant/gum paste to the head. If the head is not sufficiently dry before placing the hair, the skewer is likely to go through your head due to the weight of the fondant you are placing.
  • In case the skewer does go through your head, simply stuff a piece of fondant through the bottom hole roughly then insert the skewer again about halfway through the head, adding additional fondant as needed. You can cover any openings in the head with additional fondant hair.

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