Easy Daisy

By Rebekah Wilbur
Rebekah Naomi Cake Design

  • Satin Ice Gum Paste
  • White paper-covered floral wire (26-gauge)
  • Pliers
  • Small scissors
  • Medium ball tool
  • Yellow dust color
  • Piping bag fitted with a number 1 tip filled with yellow royal icing (optional)

Let's Get Started:

  • Cut a length of floral wire into four sections, curl over the tip of the wire using some pliers to create a looped end. Take a pea - sized ball of gum paste and condition with a little vegetable shortening. Roll the gum paste into a tapered sausage.


  • Push the floral wire through the tapered paste, pulling the wire through so that the paste overhands slightly at the top. Rub the paste between the finger and thumb where it meets the wire and pinch away the excess to secure.


  • Take a small pair of scissors and snip four small cuts into the bulbous end of the paste to create five petals. Artist notes: Evenly space the petals.


  • Pinch the tip of each petal between the fingers very gently to round the petals.


  • Using the small ball tool, press into each petal to form a cup shape. Repeat this step so that each petal is nicely cupped. Artist notes: You can do this step against a petal pad or the pad of your thumb.


  • Take the medium ball tool and push into the flower to cup the flower.


  • Dip a small dusting brush into some yellow petal dust and add a little to the center of the flower.


  • Allow the flowers to dry fully (overnight) before adding to your cake. You can add a small dot of royal - icing into the center of each flower to cover any exposed wire and create a flower center. Artist notes: Wire the daisies together in odd-numbers to create small bunches to add to floral arrangements.


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