Cute Bumblebee

Tools Required:


By Karen Keaney
Roses and Bows Cakery

Let's Get Started:


  • Use the yellow sugar paste to cover both polystyrene balls
  • Insert pop stick into larger ball
  • Place smaller ball on top
  • Using ball tool make impressions for the eyes


  • Fill the eye sockets with white
  • Add brown next
  • Add the black for the pupils
  • Roll small pieces of black for the eyelashes
  • Add two small dots of white to the eyes as shown above.
  • Use a dresden tool or wooden clay knife - make an impression for the mouth


  • Cut out four stripes of black to attach with edible glue for the bees stripes

The hands, feet, arms & legs:


  • Roll two small balls of yellow
  • Cut a 'v' shape to make thumbs and toes
  • Roll four sausages of black for the arm and legs and attach with edible glue
  • Attach to the arms and legs


  • Roll a ball of pink and flatten into a disc
  • Roll out 5 teardrops of pink and glue to the disc with edible glue. Insert cocktail stick.
  • Roll out a ball of yellow and press into the center of the flower - texture with a cocktail stick
  • Glue to bees hands using edible glue


  • Roll 2 rectangular pieces of pink out for the bow
  • Fold the larger pieces as shown
  • Pinch bow in the middle and cover with smaller rectangle of sugar paste
  • Wrap around the center


  • Add the bow to the bee's head using edible glue
  • Roll two tiny pieces of black and attach to the ends of the wire with edible glue


  • Use edible black petal dust mixed with a drop of vodka to pain the white florist air.
  • Use green petal dust with vodka to paint the cocktail stick coming out of the flower and added a little color to the bees cheeks with dry pink petal dust.
  • Use wafer paper for the wings - fold in half and cut out the shape shown.
  • When you open the paper you will have 2 symmetrical wings - attach to back of bee with royal icing of a tiny bit of edible glue.


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