Cupid Figurine

Impress your sweetheart on Valentine's Day with this sugar sculpted cupid!

By Tal Tsafrir
Tal Cakes

  • Satin Ice fondant - white, yellow, turquoise, red
  • Food coloring - turquoise, yellow, white, black
  • Edible pearl dust - pink, gold
  • Alcohol
  • Sharp, smooth knife
  • Paintbrushes - #0, #000
  • Clean paintbrush for gluing
  • 2 supports
  • Toothed, wheeled sculpting tool
  • Rounded sculpting tools
  • CMC
  • Tal Tsafrir's silicon molds - feet, hands, wings, face: Model 2, eyebrows and eyes, curly hair
  • Base covered with 'Loving hearts' contact paper
  • Delicious cake covered with fondant

Let's Get Started:

  • Color white fondant to skin color
  • Add CMC to fondant at ratio of 1/2 teaspoon for 1/2 kilogram fondant.
  • Add additional CMC to white fondant: fill wing mold and release by bending mold. Allow to dry.
  • Create 2 sections of arrows using yellow mold. Allow to fully dry.

Sculpting sandals:

  • Create 2 short "snakes" from yellow fondant. Flatten slightly and create circular shoe soles using knife. 
  • Glue to cake using a small amount of water.
  • Add CMC to skin colored fondant, fill mold and release by bending. Glue feet to shoe sole.


  • Create 2 cones from skin colored fondant. Pass the support through the cones.
  • Attach the leg to the feet, passing the support until it reaches the base.
  • Shorten one support to 1 cm. from the edge of the leg.
  • Create "snakes" from yellow fondant and add straps of sandal covering the connection between the foot and leg.

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