Clown Topper

A fun cake topper that is perfect for a child’s birthday, and is gender neutral, offering a lot of versatility!

By Monique Ascanelli
The Cake Topper

  • Satin Ice Fondant - white, yellow, red, orange, Bright green, pale blue, brown, orange, gray, black
  • Modeling tools
  • Edible glue
  • Toothpicks

Let's Get Started:

  • We will start by making the pieces for the body of the clown. Knead a ping-pong ball sized piece of yellow, and white, fondant into two spheres.


  • Press the spheres into a flattened disk, and shape the yellow piece into a square shape as shown in the picture below, and the white piece into an oval, cutting off the bottom to form a flat edge. Next, using a blade tool, add an indentation to the yellow piece to form the legs of the trousers.


  • Combine a tiny touch of orange paste combined with white to form a flesh-toned color, and shape a similar sized ping-pong ball piece into a sphere. Using a ball tool add two indentations for the eyes.


  • To form the ears, roll a small pea sized piece of fondant into a ball, indent using the small end of the ball tool and pinch at one end to form a teardrop. Repeat for the other ear and attach to either side of the eyes.


  • To create the eyes roll two small balls of white fondant and attach into the previously formed holes using a dab of edible glue. Line the eyes with a thin snake of black fondant and add two tiny pupils. Finally, roll two small oval shaped eyebrows from orange fondant and attach above the eyes.


  • Create a small triangle shape with white fondant and hollow out the interior using a Dresden tool or a bone tool as shown. Attach to the face, below the eyes.


  • Roll a small ball of red fondant for the nose and a smaller teardrop shape to form the tongue. Attach in place with a touch of edible glue.



  • To make the hair. Roll small balls of orange fondant and glue together, adhering small clusters just behind the right and left ear.


  • To make the bow-tie, roll a small ball of lime green fondant and two triangle shapes, glue together with a little edible glue. Add two strips of light blue fondant to form the suspenders, and then attach the bow-tie over-top.


  • Add some small buttons to the suspenders and finally make two little shoes, from brown fondant and a top hat as shown in the picture.


  • To complete the figurine, make two tapered sausages from white fondant and add two small balls of flesh tone fondant to the end for the hands. Use a knife or a blade tool to cut in a notch for the thumb.


  • To secure the figurine, you can push a toothpick through the body and into the head, allow to dry before adding to your cake.

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