ChocoPan Tree Stump Cupcake

Turn your plain cupcakes into delicious woodland wonders! Follow this step by step tutorial to create chocolate tree stump cupcakes.

By Satin Ice
Satin Ice

  • Cupcakes - crumb coated with buttercream on top & sides
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Deep Brown Chocolate Fondant
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice White Chocolate Fondant
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Pink Chocolate Fondant
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Deep Brown Modeling Chocolate
  • Fondant Sculpting Tool
  • Knife
  • Rolling Pin
  • Small Flower Cutter

Step 1: Cover the top and sides of cupcake with a light coating of buttercream.


Step 2: to make a light brown color, mix together equal parts of dark Chocolate Fondant and bright white Chocolate Fondant.


Step 3: Roll out 2 strips, one of dark Chocolate Fondant and one with the light brown color that you made.


Step 4: Place the light brown strip on top of the dark brown strip of Chocolate Fondant. Use the knife to cut straight edges.


Step 5: Roll the layered strip and use a knife to cut it down the middle.


Step 6: have the swirled side facing up.


Step 7a / 7b: With light pressure, roll out the swirled piece of Chocolate Fondant and cut out a circle that will fit the top of the cupcake.


Step 8: form a small ball of dark Modeling Chocolate and roll it into a log that is tapered at one end. Slightly flatten the log.


Step 9: Apply the log of Modeling Chocolate vertically on the side of your cupcake with the tapered end toward the bottom.


Step 10: Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you go cover the sides of the cupcake.


Step 11a / 11b: Use a dresden tool to form texture and lines on the Modeling Chocolate logs to make them have the texture of tree bark.



Step 12: Grass/stems of flowers- form a small ball of green Chocolate Fondant and roll it into a log that is tapered at one end and attach it to the tree stump.


Step 13: Roll out different colors of Chocolate Fondant and cut out flowers to apply to the tree stump.


And your woodland tree stump cupcake is ready...!


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