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ChocoPan Crab Topper

Follow this step by step tutorial on making an adorable crab topper using ChocoPan by Satin Ice Modeling Chocolate!

By Satin Ice
Satin Ice

  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Red Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice White Modeling Chocolate
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Black Modeling Chocolate
  • Knife

Step 1: Form a ball of red modeling chocolate.


Step 2: Slightly flatten the ball and stand it upright.

Step 3: For the legs: roll 6 small balls and attach 3 to each side of the crabs body.


Step 4: For the claws: roll 2 slightly larger balls and flatten them a bit. Cut a skinny triangle of out each.


Step 5: Attach the claws to the top of the crab.

Step 6: For the eyes: roll 2 small white balls and use your finger to push them down and place them in the middle of the crabs body.

Step 7: For the pupils: roll 2 smaller black balls and use your finger to push them down on the white modeling chocolate.


... and your cute crab is ready!

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