Castle Cupcake Wrapper

This super cute tutorial should make you a HUGE fan of ChocoPan by Satin Ice! How magical would fairytale castle cupcakes be? Wrapped in tasty white chocolate with the cutest of details and a lavish swirl of buttercream. Leave out the fluttering chocolate flag topper and it's 100% edible too! Read on to find out how to be chocolate royalty with this easy step-by-step tutorial!

By Juniper Cakery
Juniper Cakery

  • Paper cupcake wrap (to use as a template)
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant Bright White
  • ChocoPan by Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant Pink
  • Edible Glue
  • Food Safe Paint Brush
  • Small Edible Sugar Pearls
  • Toothpick (we painted ours with edible gold paint)
  • Buttercream (we used a disposable bag fitted with a closed star tip)
  • Wood Grain Impression Mat
  • Circle Cutter (or bottom of large piping tip)
  • Small Sharp Knife


Step 1

Using a cupcake wrap as a template cut an edible version out of rolled out Chocolate Fondant! You can choose whatever color you like from the ChocoPan by Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant range. We opted for white as it was such a bright and airy color... perfect for a fairytale castle.

Tip: Chocolate Fondant can be stiff at first so you'll need to warm it up and make it more pliable. You can do this using your hands or microwave small amounts for around 5 seconds.


Step 2

Now you can use a small sharp knife to create the battlements along the top. Make sure these are nice and even. Start by cutting a few millimeters in at regular vertical intervals then slice away horizontally!


Step 3

With an angled palette knife coat the sides of your cupcake with buttercream.


Step 4

Carefully wrap the sides of your buttercream covered cupcake with your chocolate wrap! Don't worry if you need to snip a little of the chocolate at the back away. Now smooth down. If you want a little sparkle you can dust with some edible lustre!


Step 5

Roll out a little pink Chocolate Fondant and press with a wood grain impression mat. This is going to become the tiny castle door at the front of your cupcake!


Step 6

Using a sharp knife and a circle cutter (or the bottom of a large piping tip) cut away sections of your wood grain Chocolate Fondant to create the door.


Step 7

Lightly scour down the middle using the back of your sharp knife to create double doors. Attach using edible glue and then gently add your edible pearls as the doorknobs.


Step 8

Swirl with buttercream!


Step 9

Roll out a little white Chocolate Fondant and cut into a triangular shape to create the flag.


Step 10

Attach to a toothpick by gently folding the chocolate over and pinching. Then carefully shape the flag for a fluttering look! Insert into your cupcake and add sprinkles too!


This adorably sweet castle cupcake is the perfect little treat for the dreamiest of parties! It's also great to customize and add extras too. Pretty little Chocolate Fondant rosettes or shuttered windows would look amazing. You could even make each one totally different for a personal touch.

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