Chic Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

Get stylish this holiday season with a shabby chic tray of bauble cupcakes! And don't forget to add a little sparkle to them too!

By Felicity & Krystle
Juniper Cakery


  • Freshly baked domed cupcakes
  • Buttercream
  • Fondant - white, light pink
  • Circle cutter (a little larger than the top of your cupcake)
  • Gold edible lustre dust
  • Confetti/sequin type sprinkles
  • White edible lustre dust
  • Snowflake plunger cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Food safe paintbrushes
  • Blade & Small Ball tool
  • Cake smoother

Let's Get Started:


  • Smooth a small amount of buttercream onto the top of your cupcake. If you want more buttercream, its best to core out your cupcake and fill it instead of adding more on top.
  • Roll out fondant to top your cupcakes - use the circle cutter to cut a series of circles.
  • Lay the circle of fondant on top and gently pat down before smoothing the edges out to where the cupcake paper ends and top of the cupcake begins.


  • To make the ornament attachments - take a little white coloured fondant, roll it into a small ball and mould into a ‘drum’ like shape. Add a linear pattern up the sides with a blade tool if you wish.
  • On the top of the attachment base use a small ball tool to indent two circles on opposite sides.
  • Attach to the side of your iced cupcake with edible glue, hold until set.
  • To finish the hanging attachment take a tiny amount of fondant and roll it into a small ‘rope’ before forming into an unfinished loop that fits the indents you made in step 06 and set aside to fully dry.
  • Attach the loop with edible glue. Hold in place until set.
    Once dry carefully dust or paint the hook attachment with lustre.


To add gold sequins:

  • On the frosted gold sequin bauble we added lots of confetti sprinkles to the base of the bauble scattering upwards.
  • Each multi-coloured sprinkle then needs to be hand painted with gold lustre dust mixed with a tiny amount of vodka (the alcohol completely evaporates so they are kid friendly when dry) or lemon extract.
  • When mixing up your edible lustre paint you want to achieve a runny paste-like consistency. We generally add around a quarter teaspoon of lustre dust to approx. 5-6 droplets of vodka or lemon extract.


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