Carousel Baby Cake

Inspired by the merry-go-round and its ability to amuse and impress adults and children too!

By Veronica Seta
Veronica Seta Cake Designer

  • 30 x 30 cm square cake
  • Lemon cream
  • Buttercream
  • White chocolate drops
  • 4 kg fondant
  • Airbrush colors - white and pink
  • Gel color - pink
  • Gold & silver spray color
  • Silver glitter
  • Dusting colors - pearl white, pearl ivory, autumn yellow, lemon yellow, pink, spring green, brown
  • Modelling paste
  • White and gold sugar
  • Glaze
  • Edible glue
  • Round cake board 40 cm
  • Square dummy 35 x 35 cm, height 5 cm
  • Square board 30 x 30 cm, height 3 cm
  • Round dummy 25 cm, height 10 cm
  • Octagonal board 20 cm, height 3 cm
  • 2 round board - 15 cm, height 3 cm
  • Round board 10 cm, height 10 cm
  • Carousel Cake dummy
  • Sugar lace mat
  • Molds
  • Decorative rolling pin
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cutter
  • Picks
  • 20 gauge floral wire

1. Roll out 300 gr of white fondant and cover the 20 cm board. Cut the paste all around the board and smooth the paste with a smoother.



2.  Cover the carousel dummy with 600 gr of white fondant. Pour some drops of liquid pink color in your airbrush and spray it all over.



3. Cover the two 15 cm boards with 500 gr white fondant and spray them with metal gold colour. Let them dry properly.



4. As in step 1, cover the octagonal board with 300 gr white fondant and smooth it. After covering boards and dummies remember to keep them separate to let them dry before assembling them.



5. Consider the height of the 10 cm dummy and cut some stripes in pink and some others in white using 200 grams of modeling paste.



6. You can stick the stripes with edible glue to the 10 cm dummy alternating them. Do not leave gaps among the stripes.



7. Insert a small amount of modelling paste in a mould and obtain some pearl stripes. If you meet any difficulty in taking the paste out of the mould, just leave it in a freezer for some minutes.



8. Proceed the same way for the decorative elements. Try to position them on the 15 cm board in gold as soon as you remove them from the mould otherwise they get too sticky.



9. Prepare different shapes of decorative elements to enrich your 15 cm boards in gold. This will give your composition a touch of originality.



10. Press a small ball of white modelling paste in a gem mould, smooth it with your fingers and cut out the exceeding paste. Let two gems dry and color them gold.



11. Proceed in the same way for the carousel top. I chose small stripes of roses in modeling paste and stuck them together without leaving gaps in between to create long lines all over the carousel top.



12. Mold 4 horses, insert a 20 gauge floral wire in their centre. Take it off and let them dry for one or two days.



13. Color the horses, with dusting color mixed with some drops of alcohol or vodka,ivory, pink, pearl white, autumn yellow, lemon yellow, spring green and gold.



14. Mold 4 frames with modelling paste. Keep the mold in a freezer for some minutes. Take the frames out of their mold and let them dry for 3 hours.



15. With a rose wreaths mold prepare 8 pieces and let them dry. You will stick them at the centre of each side of the octagonal board.


16. Spread the octagonal board with some royal icing and stick the gold 15 cm board on it. Stick the decorative elements,previously prepared, all around the board.



17. Cut a small amount of modeling paste,roll it out very thin and stick it behind the frames. With a very small paint brush you can color the centre of the mirror silver and add some silver glitter too while you can fix the mirrors around the 10 cm dummy and color the top and the bottom gold. Stick the pearl stripes at the top and at the bottom of the dummy. Stick the other 15 cm board.



18-19. Insert the 20 gauge floral wire in a modelling paste cylinder. Work it down the wire twisting it. Cut it in half and insert the horse between the two parts. Colour it gold and stick a small rose on the top. Position the horses on the octagonal board.




20. With some royal icing, stick the carousel top and its rose stripes. Stick the two jems together, colour gold and insert a 20 gauge floral wire. Position them on the top of the carousel.


21. Prepare the sugar lace. Mix 100 gr sugar for lace with 80 gr of water. Spread it on a lace mat with a Confectioners' spreader lenghtwise, crosswise and diagonally. Remove the sugar in excess. Let it dry for at least 10 hours. Peel the sugar from the mat very gently avoiding it to break.



22. Spray lace with gold. Let the color dry and stick the lace stripes at the bottom and around the carousel top.


23. Cut a small amount of white modelling paste. Roll it thick and cut a heart shape. Impress it with a decorative rolling pin. 



24. Mould  26 small roses using, each time, a very small amount of pink modelling paste. Let them dry before sticking them around the heart shape.



25. As in step 21 prepare the sugar lace for the 25 cm dummy. Spray it with metal gold color  and let it dry.



26. Brush  a small amount of edible glue behind the heart and stick it at the centre of the 25 cm dummy. Stick the small roses around it.



27. Colour a ball of white modelling paste light brown. Roll it and cut a bear face shape. Cut a  small round shape in two for the ears. Work two small balls to form the bear's mouth and nose.


28. Press a very small amount of white modelling paste in a ribbon mould. Take the ribbon out and color it gold.



29. Stick the bear's head on the heart and decorate it with a small pink band,a small gold rose and a ribbon. Colour its eyes, nose and mouth brown and cheeks and ears pink.


30. Stick the gold sugar lace with a small amount of edible glue on the 25 cm dummy sides. 



31. Cover the 40 x40 cm and 35 X 35 cm  boards with 1.5 kg of fondant and stick them together with some royal icing.



32. Prepare  12 sugar lace stripes using different designs of lace mats so that you can alternate them on the base of the cake.



33. Cover the 30x30 cm stuffed cake with 1kg of white fondant and position it on the  35x35 cm and 40 x40 cm  boards previously covered with fondant. Stick the lace all around  the base of the cake to create a cushion.



34. Spread a small amount of royal icing on the cushion and stick the decorated 25 cm dummy and the merry go round.



35. Decorate all four cake's corners with the remaining pieces of gold sugar lace prepared in step 25.



36. Spray some glaze on the whole composition to give some lustre to the cake and fix colors .


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