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How to Dress a Cake with Bunting

This tutorial covers how to decorate your cake with fondant bunting in several easy steps. This fondant decoration is the perfect accent for birthday and baby celebration cakes.

By Elina Prawito
Bake-a-boo cakes

  • Fondant in a variety of colors
  • Work mat
  • 2” or 2.5” Star-shaped cutter
  • Exacto knife

Looking to dress up your simple birthday cake? If so dress up your cake with a little color courtesy of this simple bunting tutorial from Bake-a-boo cakes!

So you baked a cake for your little sister’s birthday, covered it with fondant and it looks nice – but there is just a little something missing. If you are ranked as a beginner to immediate cake decorator, this is the perfect fun and short tutorial for you to give this birthday cake the pizzazz it deserves.

Courtesy of Bake-A-Boo cakes, all the way across the world in New Zealand, here is their version on How to Make Fondant Bunting.

All you need to do is use a simple star cutter - and arrange all the triangles in a colorful pattern - then attach bunting to the cake with a little bit of water.

Here are a few examples:


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