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Cactus Cakesicle

This short and adorable tutorial is sure to tickle your fancy. . . Give it a try to see!

By Lulu Goh
Sweet Endings By Lulu

  • Chocolate Dipped Cactus Shaped Caksicle
  • Satin Ice Pastel Yellow Fondant
  • Satin Ice Bright Green Fondant
  • Scouring Pad (clean)
  • Dresden Tool
  • Petal Dust to compliment

Step 1:

Shape cake pop batter into the desired share, chill for 10 mins and dip into melted chocolate to coat.


Step 2:

Cover the bottom section with pastel yellow fondant, and the top part in bright green.


Step 3:

Create texture with a clean piece of scouring pad, and a Dresden tool.


Step 4:

Dust to create depth and contrast.


Step 5:

Add details such as eyes, mouth, cheek and flower to complete the piece.


Cakesicle Complete!!!

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