Black & White Square Wedding Cake

Learn to create this sleek and modern cake here!

By Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
Ron Ben-Israel Cakes weddingcakes.com


  • Work mat
  • Satin Ice fondant - black, white, pink/red
  • Pizza cutter/Exacto knife
  • Ruler & Protractor
  • Paintbrush
  • Bowl of water
  • Ribbons & Pins
  • ake board
  • Round piping tips (Use a variety of sizes)
  • Paper (to make a template)
  • Petal cutter
  • Floral wire & hooks
  • Ball tool
  • Petal mold
  • Floral tape
  • Petal dust - bright green, light pink, dark pink/light red, dark red

Stock up on black and white fondant and let's get started:

To make the stripes & dots:

  • Bake, stack and cover with Satin Ice fondant 4 square cakes.
  • Roll out black fondant and cut out bands in various widths using a ruler as a straight edge and a pizza cutter/exacto knife.
  • Start with the top tier and apply the fondant strips to the cake using a protractor to keep your edges straight and clean. Apply the strips with water and paintbrush.
  • On the third tier - apply horizontal stripes. You can measure them out by using various width ribbons. Roll out a thin layer of white fondant and cut strips in various widths - use the ribbon for guidance.


  • Once the strips are complete, cut out varying size dots using round piping tips. Arrange your design on a mat with a ruler to get the spacing correct.
  • Brush the dots with water and apply the design to the cake. Do this to all four sides of the cake.
  • For the bottom tier - make a template (as seen above) by folding a piece of paper and using a round cutter. Once done cutting the template, unfold on mat and arrange dots on the template to figure out the spacing.
  • Take your template and pin to the bottom tier of the cake. Using a paintbrush apply water to the back of each dot and apply above the template. Repeat this step on the other sides of the cake.


To create the anemone flower:

  • Roll out the pink/red fondant - cut out 10 petals with cutter.
  • Insert wire into petal and thin out edges with ball tool. Next press petal into mold and let the pressed petal dry on a crinkled piece of paper towel.
  • Mall a ball of black fondant and insert a hook wire and shape with fingers. Tie the stamens with floral tap and next add the dried petals to the stamen one at a time securing with floral tape.
  • Dust the center of the flower with green and the edges of the flower with light and dark pink/red to give it contrast.
  • To complete - insert the finished flower off-center on the top of the cake.


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