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Beer Bucket Cake for Dad!

This cake decorating tutorial covers how-to's behind making a beer bucket cake with Satin Ice fondant. The perfect theme cake for dad or any summer bbq party!

By Suzanne Esper
Little Miss Fairy Cake

  • 2 - 10" Round Cakes of Your Choice
  • 1 - 8" Round Cake Card
  • 1 - 14" square cake drum/board
  • Clear contact paper
  • Chocolate/Dark Brown colored fondant
  • Dark chocolate ganache
  • Multi veiner tool
  • Ruler
  • Sharp knife
  • Isomalt (pre-made or crystal form)
  • Stainless steel sauce pan
  • Goggles
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Probe
  • Bottle mould
  • Heavy duty elastic bands
  • Green food coloring
  • Clear mints for ice
  • Edible beer bottle label prints

Let's Get Started:

Tutorial FIY: You need to be very safety cautious when working with isomalt. You will be pouring it at 347 degrees Farenheit! In order to avoid burning, try to wear a long sleeve shirt, chef's coat, thick gloves, and glasses.


  • Start by taking your cakes from the fridge and level them however you typically do. For this cake, a cake leveler was used, and the cakes were cut into 1" layers.
  • Adhere the first layer of cake to a 10" cake card with ganache. Next fill each layer with a light fluffy chocolate ganache filling and continue until all cake layers have been used. For this tutorial six 1" layers were used in total.

  • For the 10" round cakes, insert an 8" acrylic disk/cake card into the center of the cake on the top side, then begin to cut the cake in a slant so that the section you are working on is narrower than the base. Trim away until you have an upside down bucket shape. Make sure the cake is level before moving on.

  • Next, coat the sides of the cake with a hard setting chocolate ganache (for this dark chocolate ganache - a ratio of 1 part double/heavy cream to 2 parts good dark chocolate was used) Use a side bench scraper to neaten up the sides to make them smooth and even.
  • Roll out a section of Chocolate/Dark Brown colored fondant and using a Dresden tool - start to mark up the sides with long cuts (to imitate a wooden bucket).

  • Use multi veining tool to create the "wood grain" effect on the fondant.

  • Using a large ruler, cut the fondant into rectangles that are taller than the cake so you have room for your ice. Dress makers ruler was used for this because you can see how straight your cuts are, making them more accurate.
  • Let the panels set up enough that they can be moved or lifted without breaking (you can even set them in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes)
  • Next - very lightly coat your ganached cake surface with water or vegetable shortening and apply each of the panels, overlapping very slightly.

  • Next - A decorative "beer themed" background was printed for the MDF baseboard.

  • Once you are happy with your cake board, you can add pictures for more decoration. Protect the images by covering the full board with clear plastic sticky backed contact paper.
  • Add a dollop of melted chocolate to the center of your board and place your cake directly on top. The chocolate will set and your cake will be secure. You can also use royal icing or candy melts to attach as well.

  • Using a template, you can make a plaque for a name or to say "happy father's day!" to be embossed or stuck onto. Here, the shape of the plaque was drawn onto paper, then cut and sized, and used as a template on top of the Chocolate/Dark Brown colored fondant. Antique gold luster dust mixed with vodka was applied to the second smaller plaque to give it the "vintage" effect.

  • For the bottle opener, cut a strip of Chocolate/Dark Brown colored fondant and mold it to the space of the real bottle opener, then paint it with the antique luster/vodka mix and allow for it to firm.

  • Before adding the "ice", build up the base by using lots of off cuts of fondant to create a base to cradle 3 beer bottles (see imprint in green - won't be visible so you can use any color of scrap fondant). The bottles rest securely in place by doing this.
  • For the ice: use about 5 packets of Foxes Glacier Mints (although, any clear cubed mints will do the job!)

  • Isomalt beer bottles: Grab all of your supplies in one place to begin. You need a stainless steel pot with a lid, a larger pot filled with iced water to stop the cooking reaction, a sugar thermometer, heavy duty elastic bands, a beer bottle mold, heavy duty gloves, and some eye protection! (You can just wear your glasses).
  • Set oven to 275 degrees Farenheit.
  • Place a cup of isomalt in a clean pan and add the lid. Heat the isomalt on high until you can start to see the sugar melting on the sides. There will be bubbles generated through this process, but once they subside you can add color (Sugarflair liquid color was used here) and stir it in with a wooden spoon until all of the color is evenly distributed. The isomalt will hiss and bubble while it burns off the liquid.
  • Heat until isomalt reaches approximately 333 degrees Farenheit and place directly into a pot of ice water until the hissing stops.
  • Place the pot into the pre-heated oven for about 15 minutes to get rid of any bubbles. In the meantime, prepare your mold by spraying with vegetable oil and remove excess using tissue paper.
  • After 15 minutes the isomalt is then ready to pour into your beer mold.

  • Place the hot pot onto a dampened dishtowel. Place several heavy duty elastic bands around the beer mold to keep the seal closed as tight as possible, and to help contain the hot isomalt.
  • Turn the mold upside down and start to pour in the isomalt. TIP- wear your heavy duty gloves here! Once the mold is half full, start to rotate the mold allowing the isomalt to travel up the side of the mold, covering all of the internal areas. Keep turning the mold on its side to ensure even coverage.
  • When the isomalt appears to be thickening up, turn the mold the right way up and allow the excess isomalt to drip out the bottom of the mold. Collect the excess in a silicon cupcake liner.
  • Once all the excess isomalt has dripped out, you can place the full mold in the freezer for 15 minutes to chill the sugar bottle!

  • After 15 minutes, carefully remove the elastic bands and the front of the bottle mold to unveil your sugar green bottle! Take the bottle fully out of the mold and place it somewhere safe. Repeat previous steps two more times so you have a total of 3 sugar bottles.

  • BEWARE - They break like real bottles do, so be careful when handling!
  • Next - Apply some edible beer bottle labels. For this - bottle label images were printed out onto edible icing sheets and then cut to the shape of the label. Edible glue was used to adhere the labels to the bottles securely.

Happy Father's Day!


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