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Wendy Chavarria: USA

Posted by Satin Ice, on Nov 20, 2018

Wendy Chavarria Nov  Cotm Hero

Artists Name: Wendy Chavarria 
Business Name: Sweet Euphoria
Find us on Facebook: Sweeteuphoriany & Instagram: sweeteuphoriany

Describe the cake, details and techniques:    

For this cake I used a combination of delicate ornate molds, pearl molds and ruffling. The damask drapes were created by rolling out several pieces of burgundy fondant thinly, adding a very small amount of shortening on top followed by a stencil. Once the stencil is in place, i used a very dark red petal dust to dust over the stencil. By brushing over several times with a large brush - the petal dust darkens more and gives it an almost matte appearance. 


What is the inspiration for this winning cake?  

My inspiration for this piece was based on the Howard Gilman Opera House. I wanted to envision this beautiful architectural house and transform it into a sugar work of art. I wanted to capture the elegance and grandeur of an opera house.

How much time did you spend creating this cake?

To be quite honest, I lost track after 5 hours! If I could estimate - I would say around 20+ hours. Just the sheer amount that was spent on painting - took 5 hours!

What do you do while you work?  

While working, I like to replay any old movies that I've seen a hundred times!  I can listen to the same movie lines and not pay any mind to watching the actual scene taking place.

Congrats to Wendy of Sweet Euphoria!

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