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Cake Showcase

Technique Showcase: Geometric Cakes

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jun 20, 2017

Sff Geometric Showcase Cover

Trending Technique:

Geometric Designs

Linda Krause - Cakeslovescream (below)

Sharleen Walton -Sweet Celebrations Patisseries (below)

Eliza Stubbings - Copper Fork Cakes (below)

Richard Gregory - Sprinkles Custom Cakes (below)

Donna Munson -Madison's on Main (below)

Paloma Efron - Coco Paloma Desserts (below)

Lori Mahoney - Lori's Custom Cakes (below)

Gulnaz Mitchell - Heavenly cakes by Gulnaz Mitchell (below)

Nisha Fernando - Sweet Delights Cakery (below)

Tracy Irwin - Sugar by Tracy (below)

Gracie Cheng - Amazing Grace Sweets (below)

Cristina Cinquino - Prima Cristina (below)

Monique Ascanelli - The Cake Topper (below)

Jessica Ting - Miss Shortcakes (below)

Sherri Crohan - Sher Delights (below)

Haley Popp - Hive Bakery (below)

Cinthia Cervantes - Very Cherry Cakes (below)

Teneille Louise - Savour the Date (below)

Enrique Roja- Have+Some+Cake (below)

Madison Lee - Madison Lees Cakes (below)

Violet Tran - The Violet Cake Shop (below)

Veronique de Groot -Very Unique Cakes by Veronique (below)

Nikita Mahmood - Nix Kitchen (below)

Elena Ballesteros - Ponona Cakes (below)

Maria Shaw - Sweet Affection Cake Design (below)

Julia Marie Reynolds - Julia Marie Cakes (below)

Tiffany Rosales - Commonwealth Cake Company (below)

Rianny Clement - Bellaria Cake Design (below)

Jessica Wilson - Take A Bite Bahamas (below)

Sadra Sarfraz - The Statement Cake (below)

Daphne Lau - Cake Moment Wedding (below)

Dusty Ferrarese - Piece of Cake AZ - Photo by Step On Me Photography (below)

Joe-Chiazzese & Jennifer Chiazzese -Patisserie-Montebello (below)

Tatiana Ho - Delicia Designs (below)


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