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Take On Texture

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jun 25, 2019

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Texture comes in all shapes, sizes and colors - go behind the cake to see what inspired the artist and how she achieved her dramatic fondant effect.


Inspiration: I wanted to create cake that mimics the looks of shattered glass.

Orange shardsI tried Isomalt but wasn't happy with the thickness of the shards. So I found a platinum grade gelatin leaf sheets and used scissors to shred them. (You can also use a blender, but don't over do it.) Note: They have to be platinum gelatin sheets so you can get the clear glass look. 

To get the shards to stick: I brushed the outside with mirror glaze piping gel and rolled the tier in the gelatin shards. 

It looks so cool in the light and up close. I like the sharp edges most! 


Inspiration: I had this idea and I wanted to a creative play on an ocean spray.

Water drops: I wanted to try using clear Isomalt to do create the ocean spray. I love the texture it created with water drops on the bottom tier. 


Inspiration: The crumbling buildings in Philadelphia while my husband and I were out enjoying the city. 

The bright green fondant was such a cool color I thought it would be a funky take on a weathered look.

Wood Grain Texture: I used a Dresden tool to give a wood grain texture to the fondant to add a bit of visual appeal throughout. 

Rough edges: Using an Exacto in a jagged pattern, I peeled back the corners trying to achieve a crumbled texture.


Artist Jenna Jenkins of Butter Sugar Flour, is a Philadelphia native with 10 years in the cake industry. Almost completely self taught, she currently specializes in sugar flowers of all kinds both fantasy and botanically correct. She has a love for whimsical and eclectic combinations of colors, textures and techniques - but also loves a soft ethereal moment from time to time.

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