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Posted by Satin Ice, on Jun 25, 2019

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(Above) Inspiration: I had this idea and I wanted to a creative play on an ocean spray.

(Above) Water drops: I wanted to try using clear Isomalt to do create the ocean spray. I love the texture it created with water drops on the bottom tier.

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(Above) Inspiration: The crumbling buildings in Philadelphia while my husband and I were out enjoying the city.

(Above) Wood Grain Texture: I used a Dresden tool to give a wood grain texture to the fondant to add a bit of visual appeal throughout.

(Above) Rough edges: Using an Exacto in a jagged pattern, I peeled back the corners trying to achieve a crumbled texture.

(Above) Rough edges: Using an Exacto in a jagged pattern, I peeled back the corners trying to achieve a crumbled texture.
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(Above) Inspiration: Moss.

(Above) To achieve texture: It is actually one of the easiest to achieve. Take green and bright green fondant and mix them together 50/50. Using two colors will give the moss more interest. Take a 1" ball and press into a clean unused dry kitchen sponge. Make sure to keep it random, this way it looks more natural.


(Above) Inspiration: I was inspired by the torn paper trend that has been popular lately.
(Above) To achieve the texture: Satin Ice is a MUST for this design. The pieces tear so perfectly - you don't need to fiddle with the look to much. It rolls out paper thin too!


(Above) Inspiration: I wanted to create a leather-like texture.

(Above) To Achieve the texture: I used tinfoil. I crumbled up the a sheet of foil - rolled out my red fondant - and then embossed it by rolling a pin over the sheet of fondant on top of the crunched up foil. Finally, the buttercream top was marbled. Shop our Red Fondant - available in 2 and 5lb pails.


(Above) Inspiration: I was inspired by tree bark and wanted to create a simple texture to enhance an every day gingerbread house.

(Above To achieve the texture: This is one of the easiest textures to create with buttercream - and all you need is a fork. I can imagine adding cocoa to this mix with the fork design and you have a yule log in no time.

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(Above) Inspiration: I was thinking of using every day items to achieve texture. For this cake, I used a non-slip cabinet liner to give it a sweater type look with fringe tassels! 
To achieve the texture: After covering the cake in gold shimmer fondant, I wrapped it with a new non-slip liner and pressed the texture in with a smoother. For the fringe I used an extruder.

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(Above) Inspiration: By everything about the movie Frozen!
To achieve the texture: I spread out a thin layer of hot clear isomalt over the baby blue fondant. Keep in mind - you will want to spray it with a candy coat to keep it shiny and clear after it dries. Let the candy coat dry for ten minutes. Then run your hand along the underside of your rolled fondant letting the isomalt begin to crack into shards of ice. Artist notes: You can also use a rolling pin to help it along and the panelling method is best for this technique.

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(Above) Inspiration: I didn't have a true inspiration, but I thought the crackled method would go really well with a Halloween theme! 
To achieve the crackled method: Roll out your fondant thicker than usual, torch it with a torch to crisp the top layer. After you paint it with an edible paint and let it dry. Then roll you fondant thinner going vertically and horizontally to create this awesome crackled texture!

(Above) To complete the cake: I created a coordinating succulent with Satin Ice Gum Paste!
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(Above) Inspiration: I was inspired by the pottery trend as well as our Nat King Cole record we have on my kitchen gallery wall.

(Above) To achieve the texture: I used a ribbon tool (for pottery making) in vertical lines, you could do any design you'd like. The ChocoPan pairs really well with this technique.

(Above) To complete the cake: I added a fantasy element made with edible fabric from icing images.
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(Above) Inspiration: I had the vision of a bubbly Peach Bellini fizzing to the top of the cake!

(Above) To achieve the texture: I used a bubble mold from Marvelous Moulds.

(Above) To complete the cake: I added some sugar flowers in the same color on top!
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(Above) Inspiration: Crepe paper caught my eye and I thought wouldn't that be something fun to try with fondant.

(Above) To achieve the texture: I used a bench scraper to create the indentation on the tiers of the fondant - in a vertical haphazardly way.

(Above) Artist notes: Satin Ice is amazing for texture - so this one turned out amazing and it feels really cool too!


(Above) Inspiration: I wanted to create cake that mimics the looks of shattered glass.

(Above) Orange shards: I tried Isomalt but wasn't happy with the thickness of the shards. So I found a platinum grade gelatin leaf sheets and used scissors to shred them. (You can also use a blender, but don't over do it.) Note: They have to be platinum gelatin sheets so you can get the clear glass look. To get the shards to stick: I brushed the outside with mirror glaze piping gel and rolled the tier in the gelatin shards. It looks so cool in the light and up close. I like the sharp edges most!

Artist Jenna Jenkins of Butter Sugar Flour, is a Philadelphia native with 10 years in the cake industry. Almost completely self taught, she currently specializes in sugar flowers of all kinds both fantasy and botanically correct. She has a love for whimsical and eclectic combinations of colors, textures and techniques - but also loves a soft ethereal moment from time to time.

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