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Sugar Spooks - Vol. 5

Posted by Satin Ice, on Oct 24, 2017

Sugar Spooks V 5 Hero

Joyce Marcellus - Toxic Sweet Shop (below)

“The Trash Monster”

You’re sleeping, it’s late at night, when you hear a noise, what it could be? THE TRASH MONSTERS!! They know when you are sleeping, they know when you are awake! Make sure to take the trash out before its too late!!

Kassy Jimenez - Cakes and Crafts by Kass (below)

"Braniac the Clown" 
In the world of cryptic Clowns Brainiac is a maniac with a brain!

Kyle Miller - The Cake Shop (below)

"A Good Ending"

Game of Thrones representing the Night King with Jon Snow's sword.

Pure Cakes - Custom Cakes by Mark Lie (below)

"Zombie head in a jar" 

Preserved, slowly decomposing and on your shelf to keep you company during the zombie apocalypse. He look's like a Fred, right? Fred is Dead.

Sam Lucero - Anarchy Cake Studio (below)

Sometimes baby dolls get busted, but it’s nothing a few new screws and gears can’t fix. He may be old and dirty, but he just wants to be loved.

Milka von Essen-Vilovski - Cake Pirate (below)

"Krampus is coming for you"

Something’s moving. Something’s coming through the darkness of a cold winter night. Some thing with horns and hoofs. Some thing that comes into our dreams and knows our fears. Some thing that knows if we’ve been good or bad this year. Some thing is coming for you!

Roses and Bows Cakery by Karen Keaney(below)

This piece was inspired by a sculpt by David Meng, I love his work and although it’s not gory or particularly frightening I do find it quite disturbing!

Violet Lin Tran - The Violet Cake Shop (below)

"Meet Sir Jacques Steampunkin"

Get spooked by all the creations here!


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