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Pop of Pink

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jul 18, 2018

Satin Ice Showcase July Pink

Floral Pinks

Sugar Cakes by Linda Knop, Hive Bakery & Coco Paloma Desserts (below)

Satin Ice Pink Fondant and GumPaste Cakes

JE Taarten, Frisoni Alessandra Studio Cake, & Priscilla's Cakes (below)

Satin Ice Pink Fondant and GumPaste Cakes

Pop of Pink

Cakes By Gina Houston, Priscilla's Cakes, Flavor Some Bakes (below)

Satin Ice Pink Fondant and GumPaste Cakes

Miracles on Cakes by Anna & Priscillas' Cakes, (below)

Satin Ice Pink Fondant and GumPaste Cakes


Frisoni Alessandra Studio Cake, Cathy Huber Cakes (photograph by Studio Essie), & Makememycake (below)

Satin Ice Fuschia Pink Fondant Cakes & Cookies

Arte & SaborSophia Mya Cupcakes & Butter + Whisk Heavenly Confections (below)

Satin Ice Fuschia Fondant Cakes & Cupcakes


Makememycake, Priscilla's Cakes, Rebekah Naomi Cake Design, Cakes Loves Cream (below)

Satin Ice Bright Pink Fondant Cakes

Classically Cakes, Sugar Penguin Cakery & Studio Cake 'O' Luv Couture Cakes by Megha (below)

Satin Ice Bright Pink Fondant Cakes

Tropical Pink

The Violet Cake ShopCuriaussiety Cakes & Odelia's Cakes (below)

Satin Ice Tropical Pink Fondant Cakes

Ombre Pink

Cake Bash Studio, Rebekah Naomi Cake DesignOMG Itss A Cake (below)

Satin Ice Ombre Pink Fondant Cakes

Soft Pinks

Ray's Bakehouse, Shruti's Cake Addicition, Crumbs PatisserieNyasalicious (below)

Satin Ice Soft Pink Fondant Cakes

Cream & Treat & Sweet Cravings by Marcia (below)

Satin Ice Floral Soft Pink Fondant Cakes

Pattern & Playful

 Cake'em All by Ramya, Vanille Couture CakeshopSumeru CreationsSugar And Scribe Bakery (below)

Open World & Veronica Seta Cake Designer (below)

Fun & Flirty

E&E Cake Design, Cubcakes Philippines & Bella's Cakery (below)

Pink Petals

Sweet Cravings, Hot Cakes by Tara, Frisoni Alessandra Studio Cake & ESB Creations (below)

 Satin Ice Floral Pink Petal Cakes

Party Pink

Jerusalem Cake DesignRoses and Bows Cakery & Delice (below)

Satin Ice Fondant Party Pink Birthday Cakes

De La Creme Studio & Sassy and Sweet (below)

Satin Ice Party Pink Fondant Cakes

Shruti's Cake Addiction & Delicate Lee Cake Artist (below)

Satin Ice Party Pink Fondant Cakes

Coco Paloma Desserts & Minnaminny (below)

Satin Ice Party Pink Fondant Cakes

Precious Pinks

Taartjes Van AnShruti's Cake Addiction & JE Taarten (below)

Satin Ice Floral Precious Pink Fondant Cakes

Delicately Pink

Hot Cakes by Tara, Spencer Trygve Cakes, Betty's Bakery (molecular sensationsWhen In Doubt, Eat a Cupcake, Delice & Frisoni Alessandra Studio Cake (below)

Satin Ice Pink Gum Paste Fondant Cakes with Sugar Flowers


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