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Posted by Satin Ice, on Apr 16, 2019

2019 New Product Showcase 4 17 A

Veronica Seta

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

The ChocoPan modeling chocolate was easy to work with and so tasty. I love how the chocolate flowers caught all the veining.

Sprinkles Custom Cakes

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

It worked beautifully and we fell in love with the modeling chocolate!
Tip: We realized that we didn't need cornstarch on the work-surface like we usually do with fondant.

Rachel Cakes

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

 I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The fact that it doesn’t dry out is a game-changer. TIP: You can re-work your design again and using the same material!

Sugar Sugar Bakery NL

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

Absolutely loved working with it and it tastes amazing. It is so easy to use and mixing the colors is just wonderful. When making the detailed decorations, it was like working with regular fondant.

Unik Cakes

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

The product is great, pliable, mixes well with fondant to make a deeper or lighter color. Holds shape, not grainy and does not dry out fast. It is a very good product!

Anna Astashkina

ChocoPan Covering & Modeling Chocolate

This modeling chocolate is so soft, pliable and keeps its shape at the same time. The texture is light and airy and working time is endless! I was so surprised how easy it was to smooth lumps and patch holes. TIP: I used a blow torch to heat it up a little bit and remove any creases.

Cake Studio

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

Loved that from the 2 lb tub, I was able to cover the cake dummies. And the best part...I rolled it out to a #1 thickness on my sheeter - then with no tearing was able to easily handle the ChocoPan to cover the cake dummies.

My next test was using the covering chocolate in my Marvelous Molds “Confetti Already Simpress” mold. It was so easy to handle, no stretching...and really great impressions.

Then painting with gold - it just glided on! OMG, its amazing to work with!

Toni Roberts

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

 I really enjoyed working with the ChocoPan, it's clay-like mold-ability was great! Tip: Watching videos by Ralph of Cake Boss was really helpful!

SD Cakes

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

What i liked about this product? My experience working with ChocoPan is really brilliant and I loved every minute working with this product. ChocoPan is very pliable and forgiving. It holds it shape very nicely. It not only smells nice, but taste divine. I really enjoyed embossing texture on it too - and every time it came out nicely from the texture mat. Overall it's a lovely product to work with and I can't wait to work with this product again in the future.

Cakery Creation

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

The product is delish, easy to work with and sets firm! It's also very easy to rework and won't crumble or dry out.

Signature Sweets Bakery

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

My first experience using it was in a cake competition for Food Network. It was very easy to work with, didn’t dry out fast and super easy to smooth out! Love it! 

Sweet Cravings Toronto

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

I had a great time experimenting with the product and using it. The modeling chocolate was so easy to work with and very versatile. TIP: The modeling chocolate worked great in molds for making flowers.

MJ Tabush Designs

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

I really loved how it air dries but at the same time I’m able to keep sculpting and modifying it even if isn't already “dry”

Have Some Cake UK

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

The flavor was impressive, there was no difference in taste between the dark and white chocolate based colors! The pliability of the product is AMAZING - and it handles very good. TIP: To soften for kneading, I put it in the microwave for 2 bursts of 15 seconds and it was good to go! 

Sugar High Inc.

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

I loved the product!! I really enjoyed working with it as it took a little adjustment from working with only fondant. It gives much more working time and is very versatile! Loved the colors and tasted yummy!!!

Destiny's Delights Custom Cakes

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

I had always made my own modeling chocolate, but I will be purchasing ChocoPan in the future. It blends in well with a smooth finish and so easy to work with! Being able to take it out of a bucket instead of all the work of making it is always a plus 😊.

Julia's Cookies

ChocoPan Covering Chocolate

It’s delicious and easy to work with, it has good elasticity.
TIP: Coloring with Gel Colors was easy! 

Judy's Cakes Utah

ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

I've really enjoyed this medium, it's much better than any of the homemade modeling chocolate I've used in the past as it quickly gets very difficult to useThis product makes me want to get back into sculpting and  figures. I haven't done any realistic sculpting since college and I wish I could spend all day doing this. Being involved with this project has lit my fire again! 


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