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Cake of the Month

Cake of the Month - Myton Ouano: USA

Posted by Satin Ice, on May 03, 2016

COTM - Myton

Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Myton Ouano

A bride who had a vision of a beautiful rustic themed wedding cake called upon Myton Ouano - and that is exactly what he created! Adorned with stunning succulent sugar flowers and a layer of exposed bark, the bride got the cake of her dreams and Myton was crowned Satin Ice Cake of the Month!

Name: Myton Ouano - Buckeye, Arizona, USA

Education: As an artist, I have been doing it since I was in the grade school, my parents were my first art teachers then I just continued pursuing my interest in the arts as I grew up, I have never attended a formal art class, most of my art knowledge were just from my own readings and lessons from my friends who attended art classes. Professionally, I have a bachelor's degree in Nursing, which is also my part time job.

Business name: Antonio's Kitchen & Facebook Page


Describe the cake, details and techniques: This cake was a mixture of techniques that I have learned from other amazing cake artists - the worn out wood I learned from Kara Andretta's tutorial, then the flowers and succulents were a mix of Nicholas Lodge's and Jacqueline Butler's techniques from their Craftsy classes.image1.jpg#asset:138The top layer: I used the cobble stone impression mat, but I used it in its reversed side to somehow appear like a hammered copper texture. Then I airbrushed it with a copper sheen.


The bottom tier was covered with burlap cake lace and then dusted with metallic dust - and then over it I added another layer of cake lace.


What is the inspiration for this winning cake?

The inspiration of this cake was the bride's rustic/vintage garden theme - which she then gave me total freedom to execute my design! I was very thankful that she gave me her trust with regards to the design and colors. After I showed her my sketch and description for each tier - she gave me the green light to do it! 

How much time did you spend creating this cake?

For the flowers & succulents, I spent a total of 3 days and I made it a week before, then for the actual cake I spent 2 days. 

What do you do while you work?

I have a TV in my kitchen; it is always on when I am working on my kitchen watching Netflix series!

Congratulations Myton!


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