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Mythical Creatures

Posted by Satin Ice, on Mar 15, 2022

Legendary Beasts Showcase
Tales of mythological creatures have captured our minds through books and film - some are cute while others are terrifying. No matter the origin, people are intrinsically drawn to them - and now we have the ultimate collection of legendary creatures... the only difference is they are all made out from fondant and modeling chocolate!


(Above) Jamie Cake

(Above) Something Blue Bakery, Artistic Cake Designs, Peony Bakery

(Above) Daniela Cabrera, Vanille & Confettis, MacTortas, Its a Piece of Cake

(Above) Tiers and Flours

(Above) A Piece of Cake FL, Cakes in Vegas, Cici's Cakery, It's A Piece of Cake

(Above) Mandy's Custom Cake & Slice Bakery

(Above) Artistic Cake Designs

(Above) Sweet Corner Zeist, Susie Makes Cakes, The Sweet Boutique Bakery

(Above) Earth and Sugar

(Above) The White Ombre, Jackie Michele Cake, The London Baker


(Above) Ana Remigio, Avish Creations, Bella Cakes

(Above) Crumbs by Kayla Kors

(Above) Bryan Salazar & Cakes by Love

(Above) Odelia Judes

(Above) Vanilla Pods By Kim

(Above) Cake Monstah, Ray Vizcaino, Avish Creations

(Above)A Piece of Cake, Andy Cakes NYC, The Stubborn Baker


(Above) Keep it Sweet, AnEk Crafts, Bloom Bakery KW, The Barefoot Baker

(Above) Vanilla Pods By Kim & Crumbs by Kayla Kors

(Above) La Belle Pâtissière

(Above) Madame Dibou, Euphoria Cakes, Lacupella Design

(Above) One by One Cakes

(Above) Sherrie Bakes Cakes, Art You Can Eat, Paulo Jool

(Above) Azra Sarooj

(Above) Brits Sweet Dreams, Doki Cakes, Cakes by Jennele

(Above) Kays Kaykes

(Above) Daniela Cabrera, Crumbs by Kayla Kors, Art You Can Eat

Gnomes & Goblins

(Above) Sweetly Dipped Confections

(Above) Hard Core Sweet, Miss Cake Ninja, Amy C. McBride

(Above) Hive Sweet

(Above) Nicole Ashley Cakes, Sweet Pea Cakes by Theresa, Flour Crown Co.

(Above) Danette's Creative Corner

(Above) Cake EffectsCakes With Character, Sweet Endings By Lulu

(Above) Sugar High, Sweet Sara Cookies

(Above) Cakes By Kristi & Mactortas


(Above) Lulu Lucero & Gabson Cake Studio

(Above) Daniela Cabrera

(Above) CiCi's Cakery, Keily Cakes, Kakes by Me, Earth and Sugar

(Above) Cake Designs by Victoria

(Above) Taylored Tiers, Sweets By Sara R, Oven Creations

(Above) Secretosverdevioleta by Silvia De Diego

(Above) Danielle Makes Cakes & Ray Vizcaino

(Above) Chef Greeley

(Above) Custom Cakes By Tania, Christines Cakes 19, Jamie Cakes

(Above) Mandy's Custom Cakes & Magehia


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