Cake Showcase

LEGO® Showcase

Posted by Satin Ice, on Feb 05, 2019

Sff Lego Showcase Hero 4

LEGO® Sugar Blocks

Chris Aranda Cake Design, Caroline Nagorcka - Sculptress of Cake, Cake Bash Studio,
Candy Apple Cakes & Gulnaz Mitchell 
(Clockwise from top left - below)

Sweet Lilac Cakes,Fransiska Wongo,Jerusalem Cake Design & Camila Duque Reposteria (below)

Farha's Cakery, Really Enticing Desserts, Sweet Indulgence by Dominique & Unik Cakes (below)

Ponona Cakes, Delicious by Sara & Art You Can Eat (below)

Cakelyn's Finest, Suss Cakes, Pastelerina, Soul Cake Shop & VanilleCouture Cakeshop (below)

Little LEGO® Sweets

Jersualem Cake Design & Toute Sweet Cookies (below)

Hive Bakery, Unik Cakes, House of Royal Velvet & Caked & Baked (below)

Cupcakes & Dreams (below)

LEGO® Friends

House of Royal Velvet & Alma Pasteles (below)

Crumbs N' Cream, Cupcakes & Dreams, Jerusalem Cake Design & MJB Cakes (below)

Bake-a-boo Cakes, Lawand du GateauCakes With Character & Lori's Custom Cake's (below)

LEGO® Superheroes

The Cake Mama's, Ashlee Marie Cakes, Cupcakes & Dreams &
 VanilleCouture Cakeshop (below)

A Pocket Full of Sweetness, Cakes with JessCupcakes & Dreams, Cakes With Character & VanilleCouture Cakeshop (below)

Hive Bakery & Dream Cakes Chicago (below)

LEGO® Ninjago

Alma Pasteles, Onemore Cakeart, Sugar Sugar Bakery, The Violet Cake Shop &
Little Lady Baker (below)

Suss Cakes, Unik Cakes, PrimaCristina Theme Cakes & Gabstoptop (below)

Lick the Bowl Cakes, Little Sweet Adventures & House of Royal Velvet(below)

Edibles Bake Shop, Signature Cake By Shweta & Sweet Endings by Lulu (below)


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