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Kristen Eagles: Canada

Posted by Satin Ice, on Oct 16, 2019

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Describe the cake, details and techniques:

I am obsessed with two things- making realistic food cakes and Halloween. So, I guess you could say that this cake is what happens when I combine two of my loves together. I love Satin Ice bright green fondant and figured if I mixed ChocoPan modeling chocolate with it - it would create the perfect texture to mimic the appearance of ice cream.

If you find you don't work quickly enough with your fondant and it starts to dry out, combining a bit of modeling chocolate might be the perfect solution for you! I used both gel colors and powdered color dusts to add dimension and character to the ice cream and the cone itself. Sometimes the smallest details can make all of the difference for this style of cake.

A big part of this cake design was the structure itself! I used a metal pipe and flange with a small cake base on top to support the stacked cake within the cone as well as the HEAVY cake and fondant/modeling chocolate on top. I didn't really use any of my typical sculpting tools for this cake. I actually just used my hands and fingers to bunch up materials until I achieved the desired appearance.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?

My inspiration for this cake was a skull juice dispenser that I recently purchased for my children's Halloween party. I am obsessed with skulls - there is something so creepy but beautiful about them... and they're perfect for Halloween. I knew that I wanted to make a cake that was also fun and not too creepy - and what's more fun than ice cream??

How much time did you spend creating this cake?

I always make my cakes in two stages - baking/stacking/carving and the actual decorating stage. I try not to keep track of time because sometimes it's actually mind blowing how long it takes. I spent approximately 3 hours in the baking/carving stage and another 3-4 hours in the decorating stage. I am always experimenting with new techniques and ways to achieve different looks... so this is usually what adds more time on!

What do you do while you work?

You can usually find me up at midnight in my kitchen working on cakes while listening to my favorite romantics playing on the TV in the family room.

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