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Karina Fernandez: Costa Rica

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jun 05, 2019

Cakeology Cr Cake Of The Month June 2019 2

Artists Name: Karina Fernandez, San Jose, Costa Rica
Business Name: Cakeology
Find us on Facebook: cakeologycr
Instagram: @cakeologycr

Describe the cake, details and techniques:    

It’s a three tier cake, in varying shades of green with lots of green flowers in different sizes and shapes. The top and bottom tier are one shade of green - just fondant dyed with gel color - and the middle tier is hand painted with brushstrokes. 

The bottom tier is completely full of flowers, and leaves in different shades of green with little gold accents. They’re all made with fondant and different size flower cutters. Some of the textures of the petals are made with a veiner but mostly by hand with a Dresden tool. They’re then glued with royal icing directly to the cake. And the final accent are gold edible pearls.


What is the inspiration for this winning cake?  

We were having a tropical editorial photoshoot and I wanted to create something edgy, that would scream nature but still be glamorous - not your typical tropical cake. I constantly collect images of different things that catch my eye.  Things that can somehow be transformed into a cake. I then remembered I saved an image of a blush flower handbag and I thought that texture would look amazing in green shades - and it screamed tropical glam.

How much time did you spend creating this cake?

This cake was quite tedious to make, I think I worked at least three days non stop just on the bottom tier!

What do you do while you work?  

If it’s during the day I love listening to soft music, like bossa nova covers or something similar - very soothing. If I’m alone and it’s late at night, Audio books are my go to, or podcasts. I have a feeling I’m learning something while being creative.

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