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Jamie Melfi: USA

Posted by Satin Ice, on Dec 17, 2019

Cake Of The Month Dec 2019 Autumn Nomad 1

Describe the cake, details and techniques:

For this cake, I started with green Satin Ice fondant. When the cake was fully covered, I used molding tools and started getting some starry details. I then used little ballon lights, cut out open the fondant and embedded the lights into the cake. From there, I watered down some fondant and used it as if it was clay and created more 3D texture. Then I airbrushed the whole cake with shades of blues, blacks, teals and metallics. Lastly, I used edible glitter over the lights so it reflected the glitter.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?

  1. This was a real wedding cake, and the couple - Courtney & Kat, love constellations. I had already made a light up constellation cake that they loved, so they wanted something similar to that. I had them choose a starry night painting that I used for color inspiration.
  2. The inside of the cake was rainbow. The girls wanted another fun surprise when they cut open the cake. Also, as members of the LGBTQ community - it was a big deal for them that they were getting hitched!

How much time did you spend creating this cake?

It’s really hard to say, I was working on a few other wedding cakes at this time. But maybe 10 hours in total, from start to finish.

What do you do while you work?

At Autumn Nomad, we listen to a lot of music. Especially when decorating cakes! I’m typically dancing and decorating. We frequent 90’s pop and Disney a lot. But my favorites are Phish and Tedeski Trucks Band. But on this week, everyone was  probably listening to NSync - ha!

Congrats to Jaimie of Autumn Nomad!

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