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Posted by Satin Ice, on Nov 02, 2018

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Lulu Goh, Sweet Endings By Lulu - Malayasia

"No matter how rude or difficult the customer is - always respond professionally and be courteous."

"I believe in top notch customer service. Don't let your emotions translate into words when dealing with clients. And never, ever, post screenshots of your conversation with your clients on social media - the industry is too small."

Emily Lopez, Cake A Pig - USA

"Professionalism goes a long way."

 "The way you greet people, punctuality, who you associate with and even your email signature. These things all add up and  it will earn you a great reputation. And in turn you will find more clients willing to spend more for the quality you offer."

Bubu Sweet, I Have Sweet Tooth - India

"Be courteous and helpful - even if they don't order from you today - because someday they might."

"Answer every question your clients throw to you. Never frown even if they take up your time and decide to go with another baker. Every client is entitled to decide which baker suits their needs best. Always welcome every inquiry and remember right mind positive power is the way to go."

Sherrina Fernando, Sugar Meadows - India

"Always think from the customer’s point of view - explain in basic terms that they can understand."

"One major point is to be customer-centric. Be approachable, friendly and the person they can trust for their big day. In the long run, this can add a lot of value to your business."


Denis Hudak Reeves, Glass Slipper Cakes - USA

"Travel outside your comfort zone." 

"Don't be afraid to create the cake that scares you! It's often the most rewarding!!"

Pooja Nanda Sareen, Sugar Fancies - India

"Developing a niche can help you hone your skills."

Keep pushing yourself to discover new skills and make sure you have the right skill set. Your special niche is what makes you different from others."

Stella Hui-Allen, Stella Allen Cakes - Malaysia

"Keep working at it and develop YOUR WAY!"

"There isn't a right way to cake decorating. While we all learn from taking inspiration from one another - i.e. You Tube videos, tutorials, blog, etc. What works for you is your BEST way!"

Mary Ann Henderson, Sugar Mama Sweet Shop - USA

"You live, you learn!"

"Do not get set in your ways - always be willing to change in order to be successful."

Lau Reyes, De un Bocado, Reposteria y mas - MEXICO

"Be curious to try new ways of doing things."

"Learn new techniques and give projects you have never done before a try. This way you will have much more to offer your customers."


Willie Soto, VanilleCouture Cake Shop - MEXICO

"When we have too many cake orders we usually get stressed..."

"and forget the reason why we make cakes. . . That reason is because we LOVE making them! Everybody needs to love what they do even when it becomes difficult... Just keep in mind, that this is the profession you chose and try to enjoy every part of it!

Tiffany Rosales, The Commonwealth Cake Company - USA

"Know your competition, but don't try to be your competition."

"It's important to know who they are, what they're offering, and what they're charging because you don't want to undercut the market. Undercutting the market hurts everyone INCLUDING you! But, you need to find your own style that makes your cakes unique. It's a process that doesn't happen overnight. And it should flourish and evolve as you learn, grow and change."

Teresa Toomer, Cake Artist - USA

"When it gets really tough and you feel like dropping everything. DON'T!"

"Take a step back, breath and remember why you started."


Cassie Garner, Sassy and Sweet - CANADA

My keys to success have been..."

"keeping all orders done through email. This allows both the customer and myself to have a written copy and leaves no room for misinterpretation."


Emily Lopez, Cake A Pig - USA

"Be a part of your community."

"Support other local businesses, join the local networking groups, donate to a local charity. These are other respected professionals in your area, and whether their trade has anything to do with cake or not, when people see that they're using you, and recommending you - they will too!"

Stella Hui-Allen, Stella Allen Cakes - Malaysia

There isn't a 'right way' to cake decorating!"

While we all learn from taking inspiration from one another; You Tube videos; tutorials; blog; etc. What works for you if YOUR BEST way. Keep working at it and it becomes your YOUR WAY!"


Emily Lopez, Cake A Pig - USA

"Branding is one of the single most important things you can do for your business - from the get-go."

"From your logo, your website, to the quality of your photos. If you are selling a high-end product, your colors, your fonts and everything in between should reflect that."

Cassie Garner, Sassy and Sweet - CANADA

"Fantastic photography."

"Constantly working on a way to brand yourself and represent yourself in a consistent and cohesive way tends to draw the eye of your audience and give an overall look to your social media."

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