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Posted by Satin Ice, on Sep 18, 2019

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Shannon Bond

Shannon Bond Cake Design, USA

I love Icing Smiles for so many reasons, but the top of my list is that I'm a mom. All these sweet kids could be my kids. If I can brighten a day in their lives by creating a cake that makes them smile - there is no greater calling! The joy on their faces is priceless.

Jennifer Reese

Good Gosh Ganache, USA

My favorite thing about being a Sugar Angel is being able to provide not only the child, but also their family, a much-needed distraction. For these families, each birthday is such a huge milestone and a reason to celebrate, but because they have so much on their plate day to day, just keeping up with the appointments and day treatments - planning birthdays often take a back seat. It’s nice to be able to relieve them of having to worry about or plan at least one part of the celebration, and then to show up with something really spectacular is just the icing on the cake!

Beth Townsend

Cake Effects, USA

 It's such an honor to be a part of Icing Smiles, to see the children light up with huge smiles when they see their cake is so heartwarming. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you made a difference in these sweet children's lives when they needed it most. 

Kimberly Hall

Signature Sweets Bakery, USA

I love Icing Smiles because they give me the opportunity to do what I love, give back and share a smile with a family and child, and really bake a difference. I am humbled and blessed.

Jean Schapowal

Cakes With Character, USA

Creating an Icing Smiles cake is a chance for me to bring a little bit of delicious happiness into someone's life!

Heba Elalfy

Sweet Dreams By Heba, USA

From the first time I heard about Icing Smiles and their mission, I had to be part of it. I love the fact that we bakers, the Sugar Angels, get to help the families to not have to worry about cake ordering and payment and whatnot, and I truly love helping these families. Children have a special place in my heart and in any way that I can be there for Icing Smiles, I always will. I'm honored and proud to say that I'm a Sugar Angel, and happy to receive hugs from families when they get their desserts from me. Another important reason I love Icing Smiles is the people behind it. My Florida Rep is such a kind and sweet lady whose emails I enjoy reading. I've been in touch with several people at Icing Smiles, all the way to the top brass, and for certain, they are all big hearted and wonderful people. Any organization that is led by such individuals is truly an awesome thing to be a part of. With each order I get, I'm excited for the next one!

Judith Emmelkamp

JeTaarten, Netherlands

I just love Icing Smiles. So nice to bring a little sunshine in a troubled child's life. Those cakes and moments are the most precious. I think it's important to care about one and other. Too much hurt in the world. And when you see the reaction of the kids, the family..... That's what counts in life.

Anne Heap

Pink Cake Box, USA

Sherri Crohan

Sher Delights, USA

What I love about Icing Smiles is that it allows me to use my passion - to not only bring a child a smile - but to also give a family a small reprieve from a difficult time and a happy memory that will last a lifetime. 

Susan Carberry

The Cake Cottage, USA

 Icing Smiles give the incredible gift of joy to families that are going through such a difficult time in their lives!

Anastasia Pendlebury

Petit Cakes, USA

If I can make a cake that brings a smile to someone’s face, then I know I have done my job! 

Tara Kelliher

Hot Cakes By Tara, USA

What I love about Icing Smiles is that it lets these deserving kids be celebrated, alleviates stress for the parents & allows the baker to use their own creativity to make these cakes extra special! 

Elisa Strauss


I LOVE Icing Smiles - it is SO much more than just delivering a cake. The cake that is delivered by a sugar angel from Icing Smiles changes the entire tone. It lifts the spirits of the entire family and makes the child and family realize that they matter. It can help wash away the pain and exhaustion the families go through for at least that day but usually so much more as they prepare to celebrate the special birthday or event for a special child!!

Cakes By Shivy

Cakes By Shivy, Canada

The memories we give to these families is why we all say.. It is so much more than a cake! Thank you Icing Smiles for giving me the opportunity to be a Sugar Angel and to make someone’s life better!

Mercedes Strachwsky

Bake Me A Cake, USA

I love how Icing Smiles uses an everyday celebration to really make an impact with children’s lives. Each birthday is celebrated with the child in mind and the special cake really brings happiness to a child. It’s incredible to see that joy play out!

Danijela Pulcini

Lil Chic Cupcakes, Canada

 I love Icing smiles so much as it lets me put a huge smile on kids faces when they see and see cake that is just for them and this is what it's all about, the smiles. 

Michelle Leckenbusch

Cakes By Michelle, USA

I have been a Sugar Angel for the last 13 years and they are by far the most rewarding orders I can ever fill. Seeing the smiles on those babies faces and of their siblings is like no other feeling! They go through so much and it is amazing to be able to share my talent by creating them a delicious and fun cake to brighten their day!!! So grateful to all that make Icing Smiles possible. I will continue to be a sugar angel and I highly encourage everyone that can to do the same.

Mitchie Curran

Mitchies Munchies, USA

I Love Icing Smiles and their mission. My favorite part of being a Sugar Angel is seeing the entire family smile when I present their custom dream cake. It’s an overwhelming feeling for me, to witness a break from their “normal.” One moment where everyone is smiling because of cake!

Haley Popp

Hive Bakery, USA

What I love about Icing Smiles is that it lets these deserving kids be celebrated, alleviates stress for the parents & allows the baker to use their own creativity to make these cakes extra special! 

Beautifauxl Cakes


I love working with Icing Smiles because it reminds me that a small act of kindness can make a big difference, especially in the happiness of a child.

Emily Wheeler 

Emily Wheeler Custom Cakes, USA

 Because of the joy I receive when I make a donation outweighs any ounce of time or money spent. I could never imagine the magnitude of what Icing Smiles does for communities, and families in need. To have found a way to use my talents to bring a smile to someone’s face, especially a child’s face, is truly indescribable. To make them forget, even for a split second that they are sick, and make them happy is the most amazing gift in the world. 

Keisha Gaines

Keisha Cakes, USA

What I love most is knowing that I’m using my gift that God gave to serve a child a much-needed smile. It’s an awesome feeling to give back and not just be consumed by the business of cake making. I’m just glad I found one way to help someone else and seeing the smile of the child or their parents, makes it all worth it!

Jessica Phan

Phantastic Desserts, USA

Icing Smiles gives me the opportunity to use my passion to make a difference in someone’s life!

Cassie Garner

Sassy and Sweet, Canada

I love Icing Smiles because it is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. It’s incredible for the artist because it gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity to find your niche, you get to be 100% yourself as a person and artist. The best part is easily the smile on the child’s face. These kids go through more in their few years than most people in their entire lives.. and knowing I get to give them, even just a moment of happiness and joy – that means the world to me. Being a part of Icing Smiles truly is baking a difference. To know that I can do something that can take them away from all of the stress in their lives makes it worth it.

Sandra Durbin

Sandras Cakes, USA

Being part of Icing Smiles is a great blessing, not only for the child that receives the special cake, but for me too. Being able to give the time and talent to bring joy and happiness into a child’s life is priceless!

Shruti Archit Saxena

Shruti's Cake Addiction, USA

 The joy of baking gets multifold when you know your cake can bring a smile to a kid who might not have smiled for days.

Samantha Lucena

Sweet Mercy Cake, USA

Being a Sugar Angel is the best experience I have had as a cake artist! It has allowed me the pleasure to experience first-hand the reaction of these kids.. The excited wide-open eyes, the arms looking for moms to show her how awesome their cake is and the unaware but very shown smiles! Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that I was able to bless their life in that way.. all that emotion straight from my corner of sugar and sprinkles.

Annissa Cheyne

Sweet Wheat Bakeshop, Saskatchewan, Canada

Being a Sugar Angel is one of the most rewarding things I have done as a baker. It’s not ‘just another cake’ - it’s a child’s birthday extra special while the family has been consumed by hospital visits. It wasn’t until I found out that some of my birthday cakes have been a child’s last. . . that the true impact of creating memories and Icing Smiles cause really resonated. If you’re a baker, I highly recommend joining this amazing organization, you will not regret it.

Christina McKenzie

The Cocoa Cakery, Canada

When you have a job that can highlight so many people’s milestones and brings a smile to someone’s face; You realize that not everyone will always get another milestone or another celebration. And the honor to support a family and bring a little cheer by creating a cake for them is probably the highest honor. Not every job gets to do something like this for people. It’s a joy.

Christine Nguyen

The Sweet Boutique Bakery, USA

I love being an Icing Smiles Sugar Angel because it allows me to do what I love and bring happiness to a child on their big day!

Victoria Andreacchio

V's Cupcakery, USA

Being an Icing Smiles Angel is truly a blessing. I get to provide a cake or cookie for a sick child and for the moment the families are so excited to eat cake created by me!

Eliana Morales

Chiki New York, USA

A simple act of kindness that inspires the best on all the people involved, one kids smile at a time. Sugar Art can shine a positive light that lifts the spirits of people going through difficult times.

The Hive Cake Studio


 Seeing the smiles and excitement on the faces of these children is a reminder why I’m in this business.

Chef Mary Carmen


 There aren’t many jobs out there where at the end of the day, you can come home and tell your loved ones, “today was a great day - I made a difference in somebody’s life!” And that is exactly what happens when I get the opportunity to make a child smile by sharing with them my passion!

Mike Elder

Black Sheep Custom Cakes, USA

 I've done over a dozen cakes for Icing Smiles and I am very happy to be a part of it. But honestly it's a selfish thing that I get from it. My children are healthy and each cakes that I make is a reminder to love more. Hold onto everything and make it count. Don't take anything for granted and do not leave love undelivered! 

Juliana Jensen

Cakes By Julie, USA

Being a Sugar Angel is an excellent way to give back! Seeing the joy and hearing the laughter from the recipient and their family when they see their cake for the first time is the ultimate happy heart experience for me! It is most definitely a gift that keeps on giving in the most exceptional way.

Patty Stovall

Patty's Cake Designs, USA

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in everyday life challenges and lose site while we are really here. Icing Smiles is a great organization that creates a special moment for children and their families. I love being a part of something that is making a difference. I raised a sick child myself and know the struggles... When you can put a smile on a child’s face it makes your heart smile too.

Stacey Hawkins


Such an amazing organization!

Melanie Judge

PHDserts, USA

I love Icing Smiles because it connects me with struggling families that I wouldn't otherwise encounter. Through Icing Smiles, I can use my God-given talents to make their day brighter, even if it's just for a moment.

Nina Tomasik

Nina's Fresh Bakery, USA

I heard about Icing Smiles from Kevin O'Reilly and I quickly signed up. When we received an email to make Maja's Harry Potter themed birthday cake - it was no question - I wanted to make it extra special. Seeing Maja's smile was amazing!

Rita Streator

City Girl Treats, USA

 When I first started City Girl Treats, I knew I wanted to give back in some way. In early 2018, I found out about Icing Smiles and immediately signed up. I love being a Sugar Angel because when the “Call to Action” comes in, it’s time to put everything to the side and work to bring a smile, comfort and joy to a child and their family. There are few things more fulfilling!

Gina Reda

Anna Florence Cake Design, USA

I love working with Icing Smile because it is always so wonderful to be a part of such a special celebration – and to make a little girl’s birthday wish come true!

Saloni Salvi

Iced N' Frosted, USA

Critically ill children face many trials and tribulations day after day. It is such a pleasure to put a smile on their faces with our cake creations. I am extremely thankful to Icing Smiles for allowing us to do that.

Murrah Rodriguez

Burnt Cookies By Murrah, USA

I love Icing Smiles because I can use my treats to spread a little joy to families who need it the most.

Butter + Whisk Co.


I love everything about this organization and the work they are doing to bring joy to those in need. It's an honor to be chosen and to help create cakes that bring smiles!

Kylie Holt

Cakely, USA

 I love being an Icing Smiles Sugar Angel because I get to use my passion and my talent to bring smiles to those most in need of them!

Sinfully Sweet Cake Design


I’ve been a Sugar Angel for almost 6 years, and each cake holds a special part of me. Connecting with the families and learning what they go through is the most moving feeling I have experienced. For many, what we as artists do is create “just a cake,” yet it is much, much more than that. A cake can symbolize a single moment, where a child is able to enjoy life, and for a family to see their baby carefree and celebrating the fragile gift of another year. Many times, I’m not able to experience the kids’ reaction, but getting to see their elation through photos makes it so so fulfilling. Knowing that my art is a shining gift to someone who is incredibly deserving of this smile reminds me that this is never “just a cake."


Finespun Cakes & Pastries, Canada

 Icing Smiles gives the incredible gift of joy to families that are going through such a difficult time in their lives!

Lydia Allen

Sweetie Pies Bakery, USA

Icing Smiles gives me an opportunity to share my passion with families that simply need to let go of everything stressful in life for a few hours and just smile! I absolutely love when I deliver a cake and the children’s face lights up! It is never a one-time connection I make with these families, I have built friendships with many and followed their story for years after. It makes me love what I do even more and gives me a reason to keep giving.

Cat Altamarino

Sachi's Specialty Cakes, USA

I love that Icing Smiles allows us to create something special that’s not just about the cake, but the chance for us to take part in a celebration of life and happiness for those kids! Icing Smiles can create those laughter's that won’t melt away forever. 

Erin Schwartz

Stacked, USA

Allison Luckman

Allie's GF Goodies, USA

Charity George

Sugar Charity, USA

I love being a part of icing smiles because I’ve seen the joy and experienced the memories it creates for these families going through unbelievable challenges. As a medical mom, I know that glassy eyed look in parents faces as they confront the ugly realities of a child fighting for their life. Providing a joyful memory at this time is such a contrast to the heartache, it elevates the joy even more!  A little guy back in 2012 that I did a cake for STILL talks to people about it. It was the first birthday cake he ever got to eat!

Mayen Orido

Way Beyond Cakes By Mayen, USA

 What I Love most about Icing Smiles is how we make a difference in the lives of others through cake!

Anastasia & Evan

Staji & Co., Canada

What we love is that moment when we deliver the cake and get to see the joy it brings to these kids’ faces. It is also a special thing to see how happy it makes the parents of these kids to have been able to give them something extra special on their birthday.

Sarah Carroll

Sugar and Bloom Cakery, USA

There are truly no words to describe the beautiful experience of being a Sugar Angel. The wonderful families and birthday boys and girls are always so delighted and beyond grateful, but the truth is, I am the grateful one and so very honored to have the opportunity to put a smile on a child’s sweet face on his or her most special day of the year!

Thalia Mero

Thalia's Cakes, USA

I enjoy being part of Icing Smiles. Because of the cakes that I make, I am able to brighten up the children’s day and make them feel special. And maybe even for a second, make them forget about the struggles they are facing. 

Tiahna Greenleaf

Written in Frosting, USA

 I love getting the opportunity to bake a difference through the two things I am most passionate about: cake decorating and helping others! While these families go through tough times we get to bring a smile and excitement to the table. It warms my heart to be a part of something so special!

Lisa Claudio

Cakelady Cakes, USA

Icing Smiles is a wonderful organization and I love how they have made it possible for children to be thrilled and have the wow factor when receiving a cake designed especially for them on their special day!

Blanca Gutierrez

Dia De Los Cupcakes, USA

WE love having the opportunity to provide our custom cakes to such amazing and wonderful children!

Tracy Irwin

Sugar By Tracy, Canada

 Icing Smiles is an incredible organization, and I love being a part of it. Having an opportunity to give back and bring smiles to a child’s face is one of the many reasons I do what I do.

Sue Schowerer

Sweet Cupcasions,USA

I am so grateful to call myself a Sugar Angel. What a privilege it is to be a small part of putting a smile on a child’s face when they see their special cake! Icing Smiles is such a special organization and I am honored to be a part of it!

Aisha Price

Peachys Sweets, USA

What I love about icing smiles is having the opportunity to show these deserving kiddos the love of Jesus Christ in every cake I bake.

Lesley Butler


I am so grateful to Icing Smiles for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful organization and to perhaps brighten the day of a child and his/her family who may be going through a difficult time. There is nothing more humbling or gratifying.

Natasha Rice

Natasha Rice Cakes, USA

I love that Icing Smiles allows me to really shoot for the stars and create a big exciting cake that can bring some enjoyment to the children and families they support. 

Natalie Ramirez

Natalie Simply Cake, USA

I became an Icing Smiles Sugar Angel in part because of the love I have for my own children and how blessed I feel that they are healthy. Creating edible art is a talent that I am blessed to have and felt the need to give back by putting smiles on children's faces. I want to use my talent to bring joy to others!

Cassy's Cakes & Laura Ramirez



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