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A Modeling Chocolate Halloween

Posted by Satin Ice, on Oct 16, 2019

2019 Choco Pan Halloween Hero A

Kristen Eagles

The Girl Next Door Bakes, CANADA

"ChocoPan allows me to create amazing detail! As a cake artist, I use it on almost every cake I make. #1 fan right here!"

Jean Schapowal

Cakes With Character, USA

"I had always worked with fondant and thought that was as good as it got. Then I started seeing people use modeling chocolate and I figured I would try it. Since that day, it has  opened another door for me and brought my artwork to another level. It's so flexible and forgiving to work with and opens the door to a level of creativity I didn't have before. Definitely one of my favorite mediums to work with!!"

Erin Schwartz

Stacked, USA

"I love sculpting with ChocoPan because I can work quickly and have a solid sculpt immediately or I can really take my time with it and work on something detailed over a couple days!"

Shanelle Long

Sugar Shock Cake Co, USA

"I first learned of ChocoPan after seeing an amazing sculpted piece by Karen Portaleo. I immediately fell in love and decided that I wanted to learn. The work time it allows me is amazing! I can make tiny realistic details and still come back later and change them seamlessly. Also, cocoa paints go on like a dream, and they hold their shape wonderfully during transit. I am by far, a ChocoPan for life!"

Smile Pop By Aesook

Smile Pop, New York, USA

"I love using ChocoPan Modeling chocolate for my cake pops because it tastes better and keeps well in the fridge."

Beth Townsend

Cake Effects, USA

"ChocoPan modeling chocolate was so easy to work with. It had everything that I was looking for, ease of working , strength and taste!"

Hemu Basu

The Sweet Sensation, USA

"CLEARLY a product created by someone who understands the needs and requirements of a cake artist. I have tried my own recipes and I've purchased other modeling chocolates. But they don’t compare the taste and quality, It Sculpts beautifully, Paints beautifully and always Stays where I want it to, yet perfectly pliable. Heat is not an issue and most importantly No greasy mess. On top of that, it tastes amazing!! Without question, I will always recommend ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate!!"

Jewel Johnson

Green Jeans Cakes, USA

"I choose ChocoPan because the texture is easy to work with even after chilling under refrigeration. It also smells amazing!"

Nikki Haring

My Custom Kicks, USA

"I love working with ChocoPan modeling chocolate because it is so versatile and easy to use to create and shape anything you need. It gives me the time to work and re-work to get the results that I need."

Rachael Morris

Three Tires for Cake, USA

"We love that when using ChocoPan for sculpting or modeling, it smooths over so perfectly. It gives us so much room to edit and fix things as we go and then sets so nicely!" 

Dina Cimarusti

Dina Rose Cake, USA

"I love how easy it is to blend! As someone who is used to sculpting with fondant, it really makes a huge difference. it was a big time saver and it actually tastes like chocolate!!!"

Danette Kessler

Danette's Creative Corner, USA

"I absolutely love ChocoPan! Not only does it hold up in warmer temperatures, but it doesn't melt in my hands. It also blends and smooths out like a dream! I'm definitely a Number 1 fan!"

Christina Kroger

Christina Kroger Custom Cakes, USA

"ChocoPan is the best modeling chocolate that I have worked with. It is very pliable while working, holds textures and dries firm very nicely. I absolutely love this product!"

Karen Keaney

Roses and Bows Cakery, UK

"I love to use it for modeling -  as there’s no drying time, once it’s cool it’s firm, there is a really long working time and it’s super easy to blend seams and joints."

Brenda Walton

Sugar High Inc., USA

"I loved the product! I really enjoyed working with it as it took a little adjustment from working with only fondant. It gives much more working time and is very versatile. Loved the colors and it tasted so yummy!!!"

Ray Vizcaino

Mr Cakes, USA

"I love how easy ChocoPan modeling chocolate blends seamlessly takes color well and has an amazing flavor profile!"

Kimberly Hall

Signature Sweets Bakery, USA

"It's very easy to work with, doesn't dry out fast and super easy to smooth out. I just love it!!!"

Natalie Sideserf

Sideserf Cake Studio, USA

"ChocoPan modeling chocolate allows me to make the most of my sculpting abilities and my customers love the taste."


Kristi Caccippio

Cakes By Kristi, USA

"I love ChocoPan because it is so pliable and easy to work with! I never have to waste my time and energy kneading it for what seems like forever - I just break some off and within a few quick kneads, it is ready to go. It's definitely my favorite modeling chocolate!"

Jenna Jenkins

Butter Sugar Flour, USA

"The modeling chocolate is so easy to use - it allows me to make last minute on the fly changes to my designs."

Jacqueline Johnson

Blondie Can Bake, USA

Karen Portaleo

Karen Portaleo Cake Artist, USA

 "ChocoPan's consistently creamy texture and workability allows me to work the way I like to work, it's strong enough to build large pieces, and velvety enough to capture the most delicate details."

Sonny Robinson

Cakes In Vegas, USA

"I absolutely love the consistency and the color selection of ChocoPan."


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