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Featured Business - Bakers World

Posted by Satin Ice, on May 09, 2018

Satin Ice Blog Featured Business Bakers World

Meet this months Featured Business - Bakers World USA
Rosa Hernandez and her team are dedicated to supplying everything a baker could need and educating all skill levels in the art of cake decorating!

Bakers World, USA
9421 S Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL 32837


How did you get started? 

The business opened in Puerto Rico 37 years ago as El Mundo de la Reposteria which means Bakers World. From 200 s/f it grew to almost 20,000 s/f. I did not know about cake decorating but I saw there was a demand for bakery supplies in my mother’s party shop. I worked for her and asked her for a small space to start. I knew I liked business so I started with $10,000 I received after my dad passed away. 

What do you love most about your business?

Going to shows helped me make new contacts and talk directly to my suppliers. It was what I liked most about the business part. Getting to know the customers and suppliers was like a group of new friends that are still there after so many years. 

What were some of the biggest obstacles, triumphs, etc?

The greatest challenge was that I was only nineteen and I had a lot to learn. I listened to what my customers wanted, sold items at reasonable prices and more customers started coming in! Business started growing and we were able to expand to a larger space. 

I opened my second store in Orlando right after the Orlando Cake Show in October 2015. I named it Bakers World like the store in Puerto Rico but in English. This past year, Hurricane Maria ripped the roof off my store in Puerto Rico and I had to put everything into storage until the time is right to reopen. Our experience rebuilding after the hurricane was so hard to comprehend - I was grateful to have the Orlando store to pour my energy and time into. In one night our lives were turned around but you have to keep on going - no matter what.

What are your words of wisdom for other business owners? 

If you want to be successful you have to like what you do, spend very long hours working. Never be afraid of growing: research the latest trends, always have the curiosity to try new things. Relate to your customers and suppliers, treat them with respect, make them feel welcomed and do your best to help them out even if you have to go out of your way.

What are your best selling Satin Ice products? 

Cake decorators have come a long way to be more creative and use their imagination to make more out of their projects. I always tell them to use quality ingredients because a good decoration is not enough. There are so many new products that are affordable and makes the process easier. Who thought that rolled fondant would dominate the market in the way it has done it. Kevin started with only two machines to mix the fondant and I saw how he believed in his product and worked so hard to improve it and convince people that it was just better to buy it already made. Then, most of the customers stopped making it and they just went and bought it. Then, came the gum paste and it took off. Satin Ice fondant is so affordable and the quality is like homemade. Customers trust the brand and it is the number one brand that I sell in that category followed by the Satin Gum Paste. I know top decorators that will only work with the Satin Ice brand. We offer classes and demos to teach customers to improve their skills and show them new products.  

I am expanding my store so I am leasing the next door space to have more room to bring more products, offer more demos, classes and above everything a place where you can go and don’t want to leave.

Be sure to follow Bakers World, USA for future class and supply announcements and
if you're in the area, stop by and shop!

9421 S Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL 32837


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