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Featured Business - Bakers C&C

Posted by Satin Ice, on Mar 05, 2018

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Meet this months Featured Business Bakers C & C - selling the best ingredients
and supplies to Cake Artists, Chocolatiers and Candy Makers

Bakers C&C
44W Vine Street • Murray, UT 84107


Bakers C & C has been in business for over 40 years.  We specialize in selling some of the best ingredients and supplies to Cake Artists, Chocolatiers and Candy Makers.  We are a small locally owned business that caters to other business owners in the industry as well as the generations of families that come to our store to carry on their own sweet traditions.

Growing the business in a small market has been challenging due to limited revenue/funds.  Each division has its own busy time as well as slow time. We are very proud of our management and their focus on meeting customer's needs, assisting with their business plans and exceeding their expectations. We are excited about a re-branding project that is currently underway.  New shelving has been installed, allowing us to substantially increase our inventory and selection to better facilitate customer demands. We will also have a new website launching soon that will allow us to better serve our customers all across the U.S. and bring in new customers as well. 

We have a wonderful series of 9 classes starting in March, taught at our store.  In the future we hope to have these available online as well.  Our class schedule can be found on our Face Book page as well as on our Website.  If you're in the area, be sure to come visit us for a great assortment of supplies and take a class!

What do you love most about being in business: 

We love the relationships that we've built through our business.  The Chocolatiers depend on us to give them the best pricing and also to meet their demands to keep them in business. The candy makers are a passionate group usually supported by generations of family members who are carrying on family secret recipes and traditions. And the Cake artists we see on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis. This is the industry that our store manager Kim relates to the most.  As a fellow cake artist for over 25 years- her desire to carry top of the line tools and supplies is very important!

Words of wisdom for other business owners: 

What we have learned the most over the past few years is to truly listen to our customers.  Some know what they are looking for and others don't have a clue.  If you don't have something then find a solution.  You have to know and believe in the product you carry so that you can answer their questions and concerns and sell to them with confidence. 

What cake decorating trends are your customers excited about: 

We have 3 things that we are hearing a lot about right now in our store.  Everyone loves the Geode cakes- marbled fondant and colored rock candy, Marvelous molds, and also a line of cake paints that we have just brought in. 

Best Selling Satin Ice Product:    

I would have to say that the top selling product is the 4oz foil packs. Not only to the cake artists but to the Mom, Dad, Grandma or whoever wanting to create something edible. 

Most Notable Moment:    

Recently we had a Cake Artist come running into the store close to closing time wanting to buy Styrofoam cake dummies.  With further questioning Kim found out that she had just made a cake delivery and that her cake had tipped over in the car.  She was going to buy some frosting and try to recreate the cake at the reception center.  Kim told her that she was welcome to use our class room and supplies.  The customer couldn't believe it.  Kim not only offered the space but also helped her recreate the 3 layer cake in a matter of 20 minutes and had her out the door just in time before the start of the reception.

Be sure to follow Bakers C&C for future class and supply announcements and
if you're in the area, stop by and shop!

44W Vine Street • Murray, UT 84107


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