Zahra Fatahi

on 17 / 05 / 2017

NameZahra Fatahi


LocationTehran, Iran

Education/Training: I have a master in civil engineering and a graduate from Patisserie Cordon Bleu and European Baking and Pastry Program at the Notter School.

Business name: Vista Bakery



How were you first introduced to Satin Ice?
I have used different brands before, but when I first used Satin Ice I quickly learned how easy it is to work with. It is smooth and has a perfect taste.

Signature style & inspiration?
I like to decorate my cakes with sugar flowers and color. I enjoy looking around to get inspiration from romantic objects and then transform them into cake. I feel all cakes should have a balance of height, color and the right amount of sugar decorations to be perfectly complete.  


Favorite cake


Most challenging cake to date?


This cake was about the position of women in Islam. Designing a cake giving the background of Islam and Quran, while adding a romantic touch to it was quite a challenge. I also added some Quran quotes on the cake that were unacceptable by some people to have on something edible.

(Close Ups of the Cake - below)


What tips can you offer to Satin Ice newcomers?

  • Don't be afraid. The first few times errors will happen.
  • Practice, continue to practice and don't stop practicing!
  • Handle the products playfully so that you get to know your own signature style.

(Zahra working on one of her cakes - below)


If you weren't decorating cakes, what would you be doing?
I guess I would be designing flower bouquets. I love the look and smell of each flower and how they give a message of caring and love.

(Some of our favorite sugar flowers made by Zahra - below)


What is a 'regular' cake decorating day like for you?
I check the cleanliness of the area and availability of products - then I have my cup of tea and begin making sugar flowers. Next, I will start making the cake and figuring out the flavors. Throughout the day I try to enjoy what I am doing and then finish the work I had planned in my mind. 

What is your creative process for making cakes?
First of all I listen closely to my clients and then sketch what is in their mind. I use my own design and style if the sketch is not satisfying. When everything is ok on both sides I begin by adding ganache and covering the cake in fondant. Then I use this empty canvas to put all the little pieces of sugar paste designs and completing the piece. 

What is your favorite part about designing cakes?
It is handing it over to the client and seeing how their face shines and their happy smile!


Who would you love to learn from in the industry?
I would have to say fellow Artist of Excellence, Mercedes Strachwsky. I think she can create everything in the world and I believe she has magic fingers!

What is inspiring you this very moment?
I am currently spending a lot of time in the Middle East and the textures, colors and smells are inspiring me. Those colorful skirts with exotic desserts keep running through my mind.  


What do you aspire to accomplish with each cake?
I love to see the spark in their eyes when they see the cake. Then while they eat the cake and then close their eyes to enjoy every single bite!

If you could create a cake for anyone in history (past or present): Who would it be and why?
I would want to make a cake for Steve Jobs. He was such an honest person, who had a keen eye and emphasized the importance of design. If I ever met he could have helped me to take more steps forward.


To see more of Zahra's stunning sugar flowers, be sure to check out her Satin Ice Artist of Excellence profile.


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