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Posted by Satin Ice, on Jun 22, 2017

Cake Flix Hero


The Biggest Movies & Series Cake Collaboration

Violet Lin Tran - The Empress of China & Transformers - The Violet Cake Shop

Ana Remigio - Gremlins 2 - Cupcakes & Dreams

Die Hard 4 by Tartas Impossibles by Isabel Tamargo

American Horror Story by Azzurra Cuomo

Maleficent & Marilyn Monroe by Maria Castro & Gabriel Castillo - MacTortas

Pinnochio & The Good Dinosaur by Mercedes Sancho - Mi Dulce Cake

Silent Hill by Christine Leaming - Sweet Geeky Cakes

Tangled & Harry Potter and The Philosaphers Stone by Sabrina Jiffry - Sabz Cakes

Tinker bell by Anusha Mora

Luke Cage by Argenis Villagomez 

Finding Dory by Scott Bradshaw - Seven Ravens Bake House

The Storyteller by Banny Ayarza V. 

The Dark Knight & Alice in Wonderland by Alyssa Alexandre - Sugar Canvas Artisan Cakes

Pearl Harbor & The Passion of Christ by Nade Jankovska - N Sugar Art

 Warcraft & Batman by Alejandro Rojas Durán

Skylander & Vikings by Judith Emmelkamp - JEtaarten

The Boss Baby by Rifera Pawlowski - For an Angel

Marie Antoinette 2006 by Anggie Wong Cho - Bluming Gateaux

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Linasari Sunyoto - Sweetlin

Masha and the Bear by Eman Abukoash  - Sugar Puffs

Twin Peaks by Adriana Garcia - Sugar Palace

Fantasia by Bryan Salazar

The Walking Dead by Willie Soto & Lili Cuellar - VanilleCouture Cakeshop

Breaking Bad by Laura Lopez

Kung Fu Panda & Tarzan by Faiza Sherjeel - Gateau: The Cake Phenomenon

House of Flying Daggers & Purple Rain by Khamphet Che-Bui - Sweet Side of Cakes

Harry Potter & Wallace & Gromti by Li Ying Khoo - Cakes by Ying

Game of Thrones & Hunger Games by Elizabete Caseiro - Bety Sugarland

Jessica Jones & Deadpool by Natalia Salazar

Maria Antonieta and Coraline by Nadia Maciel

Sleeping Beauty by Claudia Oliveira - Claud' Art Sugar

Napoleon Dynamite & Frozen by Tara Kelliher - Hotcakes by Tara

Marie Anotinette by Linda Knop - Sugar Cakes

Marie Antoinette & Sesame Street by Cristina Cinquino

Monsters Inc by Nancy Rodriguez - Blue Calyx

Harry Potter & Jurassic Park by Gauri Velhankar - Easy As Cakes

Little Miss Sunshine by Melissa Mendez

Star Trek by Heather Sherman - Art 2 Eat Cakes

Cleopatra & Star Wars by Katarzyna Janiszewska

Beauty and the Beast by Emma Stewart - Truly Scrumptious Cakes by Design

Tron by Miguel Guerrero

An American Werwolf in London by Kelly Joel

Stephen King's Cat Eyes by Teresa Frye - Cakes N Sweets

Rugrats by Isaac Lopez Vazquez

Pacific Rim & Tales From the Crypt by Jean A. Schapowal

Kung Fu Panda - Akila Akilan

Beauty and the Beast by Tayyaba Usman 

Como ague para chocolate by Ana Sanchez

Hotel Transylvania & The X Files by Andres Enciso

The Huntsman Winter`s War & Gremlins - Sophia Fox

Gremlins by Ivan Zavala

Lord of the Rings & Scarface by Inci Orfanli Erol

The Wizard of Oz by Chris Aranda

Pulp Fiction by Anna D`Alessandro 

Alice in Wonderland & Sleepy Hollow by Sherri Crohan - Sher Delights

Jurassic World & Superman Returns by Saloni Salvi - Iced n Frosted


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