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Cake Photography Tips

Posted by Satin Ice, on Mar 08, 2017

Sff Blog 640X640 Photography

By Angela Zion of Angela Zion Photography


(Photo Credit - Angela Zion Photography)

Looking to hire a photographer:

- Make sure you hire someone whose work will be consistent with your brand. Study the photographers website, social media, and the color/look of their photos. Make sure it's the look and feel you are going for!

- If you find someone you want to work with but don't see food on their site, don't be afraid to ask if they are interested in working with you or have any food work they can share! 

Working with a photographer:

- Be specific on the type of shots you want. You can allow your photographer some creativity, but it helps to know exactly what you're wanting. Ask the photographer if they have the available props, If they don't then you should bring or have your own.

- If you're wanting to shoot with the photographer on a regular basis, some photographers have special pricing for consistent clients.  

- Be as organized as possible! Create as much content as possible in one photo session so you have enough until your next shoot.

Take it from a professional:
"In today's competitive marketplace standing out is so crucial for any small business and cake designers and makers are no exception. Social media platforms have transformed traditional marketing and are such powerful (and not to mention free) tools available to everyone! 

Having exceptional photography that captures the beautiful detail of your work and also creates visually stimulating content is one of the best ways to increase visibility in your marketplace and grow your business.

Photography doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. I prefer natural light photography and simple set ups close to a large window. There is a wealth of information available on various food blogs on how to use natural light for food photography. Natural light provides the most true to life color and the images, in my opinion, are just better than harsh flash photography. If photography isn't something you wish to add to your skill set, I would suggest partnering with a local photographer! I always enjoy collaborating with amazing local vendors and creating styled shoots for blogs. The images are incredible and it allows you to create beautiful content that you can then use via social media channels to promote your business as well as creating an amazing network of contacts in a variety of businesses."


Jonathan Russ of Jonathan Caleb Cake
sugar artist specializing in designer cakes and fine sugar artistry


(Cakes - Jonathan Caleb Cakes, Photo Credit - Angela Zion Photography)

If you're a small business, you will ultimately want to learn to take your own photos. It will be beneficial in the long run, and you can create content whenever you need it, and it will end up saving you money!

Tips for taking your own photos:

- If you're using natural light, you should shoot as close as possible to a window and try to make sure no artificial light is coming into the photo (turn off overhead lights, lamps).

- Depending on what you're shooting, having a solid background for your photo draws attention to the food. You can hang some fabric, or even buy some professional photo backdrops.

- If you're shooting something overhead, shoot on a large poster board. You could even go outside and shoot with the poster board in some shade. 

- Add some personality with pattern/texture to your background using contact paper. You can buy it in so many patterns, even marble! You can then adhere it to thick foam or poster board for the best look. 

- Study the photo after you take it, if you don't like it then see what you could do to make it better. Be patient and pay attention to detail. It could even be that you just need to rearrange it, or move it closer to the window. 

Once you figure things out and get into a rhythm, taking photos and creating content will be so easy and worth it!  

By Angela Zion, Owner of Angela Zion Photography - Greenville, SC



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