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Cake of the Month - Maria Dik: Germany

Posted by Satin Ice, on Nov 06, 2017

Cotm Maria Dik

Cake of the Month:

Maria Dik

Name: Maria Dik, Cakes Made With Passion
FacebookCakes made with passion
Instagram: @cakesmadewithpassion  
Education: Bachelor of Trade & Commerce

Describe the cake, details and techniques: 
I wanted to do something completely different with this cake. It should be with strong colors and speak for itself. This is how the design for the cake came about, with a royal icing background and individually cut out flowers on the 4th tier. The 3rd tier was covered with gold leaf and the 2nd and 1st tiers were made in the bas relief technique and decorated with individually gold colored pearls.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
I was asked to be a part of the Adore Issue for the Cake Central Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1. This Issue was inspired by the gorgeous textile from William Morris and my inspiration for the cake was the Adore Cray.

How much time did you spend creating this cake?
I needed 25+ hours for the cake, because the dahlia alone, with more than 200 individual petals, took over 4 hours!!!

What do you do while you work?
I have the TV on, but actually it just runs in the background. When I design cakes, I am in my own world and forget everything around me.

Do you think your cake could be a winner?
Cake of the Month winners receive (3) Satin Ice 5 lb. pails of their choice! 
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