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Cake of the Month - Laura Loukaides: UK

Posted by Satin Ice, on Aug 08, 2017

Cotm Detail1 Laura Loukaides

Cake of the Month:

Laura Loukaides

Name: Laura Loukaides, Laura Loukaides Cakes

Facebook: LauraLoukaidesCakes Instagram: @lauraloukaides


Describe the cake, details and techniques: 
This cake is made from many individual elements, all made from either cake, fondant or Rice Krispy treats - and is supported by a strong internal structure. Every single piece was made separately, then arranged and supported to form “The Big Eater."

The cake is completely full, inside and out. There are even more details hidden on the inside which you can’t see unless you look very closely at the cake in person.
Every single item was formed by hand without the use of any molds or templates, this includes individual French fries, sesame seeds, berries, baked beans, corn, marshmallows and more items inside the cake.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
I always enjoy making food cakes, they give you a chance to experiment with colors and textures that you wouldn’t usually use on other cakes. For Cake International in 2014 I had an idea that I wanted to create an unusual food cake but on a much larger scale. I wanted it to include as many different food items as possible, some I had made before and some I had always wanted to try to re-create.


How much time did you spend creating this cake?
This cake took around 150 hours to make.

What do you do while you work?
I usually listen to music or the radio while I work.

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