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Cake of the Month

Cake of the Month - Laura Dodimead: UK

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jul 07, 2016

COTM Laura Feed

Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Laura Dodimead

The bride dreamed of a bold and bright hand painted fondant cake for her wedding - and left the rest in the hands of the cake artist.  Inspired by stained glass and colorful butterflies, Laura Dodimead of Cakey Bakes Cakes put together a striking cake that was the center of attention and worthy to be the Satin Ice Cake of the Month! 

Name: Laura Dodimead - Farnham Surrey, UK

Education: I am trained in interior design and art but only to A-level and National Diploma. Everything I have achieved in sugarcraft is all self-taught from practice.  

Business name: Cakey Bakes Cakes


Describe the cake, details and techniques: The cake was a stained glass effect with butterflies - I hand painted all 3 tiers using Squires Kitchen edible paint.



What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
The bride showed me a lot of images of bright painted cakes, the idea was to make it the center of attention in the wedding as the guests would see it on arrival. I took inspiration from many cakes keeping with the stain glass effect, and butterflies as the main focus. I wanted the colors to be vivid and striking and eye-catching - which I think I achieved. 


How much time did you spend creating this cake?
It took two days - about 6/7 to cover and paint the cakes in full detail and allow the butterflies to set. It was very therapeutic - painting calms and inspires me.

What do you do while you work?Depending on what I am doing on a cake depends on what I have in the background. If I am painting or airbrushing, I usually have the radio on so I can keep my eyes on my work. . . and pretend I am Adele! Ha ha! If I am covering and modeling, I will watch daytime television to keep up with the news or watch bake off repeats. 

Congratulations Laura!


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