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Dawn Welton: UK

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jan 30, 2018

Dawn Welton Feb Cotm

Cake of the Month:

Dawn Welton

Dawn Welton Cake
Instagram: @dawnweltoncake
Education: First Class Honors Degree in Fashion/Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London

Describe the cake, details and techniques: 
For the bottom tier I created a mass of different textures, unified by one color - red. I utilized a variety of molds, focusing mainly on food - including cutlery, cakes, donuts and biscuits, and as we were celebrating Christmas, I punctuated the tier with repeated Christmas crackers. Running throughout this tier I ‘wove’ strands of fondant pearls in and around the various fondant pieces. As I wanted to unify all four faces of the bottom tier, I painted the pearls with confectioners glaze to make them shine and stand out from the matte fondant molded layer below. 

I positioned gum paste hydrangeas throughout the tiers and punctuated their centers with tiny gold dragees. I also dotted tiny golden bees around the three tiers. A mass of Satin Ice gum paste ruffles adorns the middle tier - made using my trusty pasta maker! Additionally preserved pears - painted red and highlighted with edible gold lustre decorate the top tier. Edible gold leaf is used on the top face of each tier and each tier is further edged with pearl beads and braiding. Crowning this cake is a fantasy gum paste peony.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
I finally decided that it was about time for me to tackle my nemesis - the color red! And as it was approaching Christmas I decided to make a red celebratory Christmas cake - celebrating food, flowers and the richness and exuberance that surround this time of year. Having never worked with red before I can now say that I think it’s a fabulous color to work with and I particularly love the opulence of the red and gold combination. With this cake I feel I am very close to achieving my signature style - and I love the fact that I am developing a technique - a variation on Bas Relief, that nobody else appears to be using on cakes at the moment! I am very excited about developing this technique further with wedding cakes - incorporating personal elements from the bride and groom - recreated in sugar paste.

How much time did you spend creating this cake?
Oh gosh - that’s a scary question, probably too long, but being a perfectionist I won't stop until the cake is perfect! All in all I probably spent 7 solid days working on it - but I spread this over 3 weeks - I like to take time for the various techniques to evolve and for the creative process to lead me in an unexpected and unpredictable way.

What do you do while you work?
I would love to say that I watch TV - to catch up on box sets would be heaven, but I find I can only listen to music! Also, as we live in one of the few villages left in London I am very lucky to say that I can sit here in my flower studio creating sugar flowers and ruffles and appreciate the peace and quiet that this little corner of London can offer.


Congrats Dawn!

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