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Cake of the Month - Cristina Cinquino: USA

Posted by Satin Ice, on Mar 29, 2017

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Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Cristina Cinquino

Name: Cristina Cinquino, Bucks County, PA

Business name: Prima Cristina Cakes

Education: Boston University BS Communications

Describe the cake - details and techniques: For this Save the Bees cake, I used molds, stamping, hand painting, and a variation of the trendy bubble wrap technique. This design was influence by the Alexandria Pellegrino's Craftsy class "Simple Techniques for Dramatic Designs." That class is a favorite of mine as it's is packed with techniques that I use often to create ornate designs - a favorite style of mine. I'm especially fond of using molds in cake decorating. The beehive topper was created using sculpted cereal treats to create the shape, then a rope mold was used with Satin Ice gum paste to give the beehive texture. Satin Ice gum paste was used for the flower, the bee, and the trim details as well.


What is the inspiration? 
Vintage beehive engraving and botanical sketches were my inspiration. This cake was designed for the Animal Rights collaboration created by Isabel Tamargo of Tartas Imposibles. I chose the honeybees because they are quickly becoming endangered by the use of pesticides. Without honeybees, humans will not have a food supply. It is crucial to human survival that honeybees and their habits are preserved. I liked the majesty of the vintage prints to convey the importance of the bees as well as the regal nature of the queen bee. 


How much time did you spend creating this cake? 
Excellent question!!! How often do we underestimate the time we will need creating cake art?? I find, especially with elaborate cakes, that it is best to break each element into steps that can be done ahead of time. This is also very helpful being a caker with 3 small children underfoot; I am able to do portions in bits and pieces when time allows. For example, I created the flower in a few hours time, the beehive topper was sculpted, then I covered it in the rope mold which took several hours, then painted it after it dried. 



The bubble wrap technique was very delicate and took several tries to get correct so that took longer than expected - don't forget to use a LOT of chocolate with this technique if you try it! So I would say over all this took about 2 weeks of time increments to complete, perhaps 40+ hours.

What do you do while you work?
I work in silence! I love the peace of sitting in my workspace alone with my thoughts. I recently finished my cake room but I should call it my "sanctuary." I started caking as a way to keep my mind busy, aside from being home with my children - so that I would have something to focus on that would be a challenge and learning experience. I worked on a folding table in my basement for a long time but recently have set up storage and permanent workspace that is a dream come true. I laugh sometimes at how I really enjoy the quiet so much after a busy and hectic day. I work into the wee hours of the night. Only sometimes, if I'm working on a new technique, do I turn on cake classes so I can continue to learn while I work.

An additional note: 
Thank you so much for this incredible honor!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be building such an incredible working relationship with Satin Ice. I really appreciate all that Satin Ice does to support your artists!!!

Warmest regards,
Cristina Cinquino

Congratulations Cristina!


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