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Cake of the Month - Anna Elizabeth Wawzonek: Canada

Posted by Satin Ice, on Mar 15, 2017

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Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Anna Elizabeth Wawzonek

Name: Anna Elizabeth Wawzonek - Vancouver,Canada

Education: I studied epidemiology in university before deciding to go in a completely different direction! I went to Pastry School in Vancouver, graduating in 2010 with a patisserie specialty and worked at Cake Opera Co. in Toronto before coming back to Vancouver to open my own shop in 2011.

Business name: A.Elizabeth Cakes

Facebook: aelizabethcakes

Instagram: aelizabethcakes

Describe the cake, details and techniques: Our clients wanted their wedding guests to be able to keep coming back to the cake to find new little details every time - so there is a lot going on with this cake! The central tiers of the cake are covered in a piped lace detail to add a textural element to the grey blue base fondant. 


Sculpted cobblestone details can be found at the base of the cake and in stairs that travel up to the top of the cake and there are hand painted stained glass windows found around the cake featuring a Mickey Mouse head pattern I designed. 


The large sugar paste bow at the centre of the cake has it's tails going in opposite directions carried by tiny modeling chocolate golden birds we sculpted. Tiny golden mice can also be found running around the cake. 


This wedding's decor was very floral heavy, so we wanted to echo that in the cake design. I handcrafted sugar peonies, anemones, roses, sweet peas and dozens of blossoms, buds and leaves. Of course the cake is also crowned by a large castle we sculpted complete with tiny golden flags.

What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
We created this cake for a bride and groom who were having a Disney themed wedding. They really wanted to carry that theme into their cake, but in an elegant and sophisticated way. The bride's favorite castle is Sleeping Beauty's so of course this had to be the focal point at the top of the cake.     


How much time did you spend creating this cake?
There are certain cakes where I stop counting how many hours I've worked on them, and this was definitely one of those! This cake had so many little details; around 30 hours of work just on the sugar flowers alone. I would guess this cake took close to 200 hours to create.

What do you do while you work? 
Sometimes I like to listen to music, but more often we are listening to podcasts in the bakery. 

Congratulations Anna!

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