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Buttercream Icing Mix Consistency

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jan 08, 2020

Buttercream Consistency - Liz Shim

A helpful guide on using Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix from master buttercream artist Liz Shim of Eat Cake Be Merry.


Let’s admit it, making buttercream from scratch can be a bit tricky, intimidating and time consuming. With the new Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix, it is quick and easy to make great tasting buttercream at home. By just adding softened butter and water to the mix, you can whip up a beautiful batch in just two minutes. It’s foolproof and the results are very reliable. 

The mix creates a bright white buttercream which is perfect for producing vibrant colors.  It also takes on flavors very well. Find recipes for delicious ways to flavor the buttercream here. In addition, it is heat resistant, affordable and adaptable for multiple uses such as filling and coating a cake, piping flowers, string work and more.  Depending on what you are using it for, simply take the base recipe and adjust the consistency to be firm, soft or extra buttery by using the chart below:

When making the buttercream, here are a few tips I’d like to share: Make sure your butter is softened, at room temperature. Feel free to use salted or unsalted butter depending on your preference of sweetness. When mixing, always use a paddle and mix on low/medium speed to avoid incorporating too much extra air into your buttercream. Lastly, be sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl a few times while mixing to make sure everything is well incorporated and super smooth.


Now, I mentioned that you can adjust the consistency of your buttercream to suit your needs. This is important because for some applications you will need a firm buttercream that can hold up to gravity while other times you will need a softer, more flexible consistency that will pipe smoothly. Use the convenient recipe chart provided to achieve various consistencies.  If you need some help figuring out what you might need, here is a rundown of the different consistencies and their suggested uses. 


Recipe: 1 lb Icing Mix, 4 Tbsp Butter, 1.5 tsp Water
This firm consistency is ideal for designs that require definition, height and/or structure. It also creates a crust faster and more firmly than the others, which is good for certain decorative needs.

Some recommended uses are:

    • Russian flower tips
    • Tall rosettes
    • Basket weave and ribbons designs on sides of cake
    • Airbrushing or painting on surface of buttercream 

Recommended (Medium)

Recipe: 1lb Icing Mix, 4 Tbsp Butter, 1 Tbsp water
This recommended consistency is designed with the most versatility in mind. This is suitable for a wide range of decorations and techniques. It is good for applications that require stability and a smooth finish.

Some recommended uses are:

    • Shell borders and ropes
    • Piping handcrafted flowers
    • Filling and icing a layered cake
    • Creating comb patterns on sides of cake


Recipe: 1 lb Icing Mix, 4 Tbsp Butter, 1.5 Tbsp Water
This soft consistency highlights the elasticity of the buttercream. It is good for designs that require a smoother texture that can easily be spread or piped. It also crusts slower due to its higher water content, offering more workability.

Some recommended uses are:

    • String work
    • Palette knife painting 
    • Writing text
    • Creating fur, shag or grass texture

Extra Buttery

Recipe: 1 lb Icing Mix, 8 Tbsp Butter, 1.5 tsp Water
This extra buttery recipe is silky and rich.  The consistency of this is quite similar to the recipe for the softer buttercream, however it is more flavorful since the butter ratio is higher. Try using 50/50 salted and unsalted butter to kick down the sweetness and make the butter flavor more prominent.  Due to its high butter content, it will crust less and more slowly than the other recipes, allowing more flexibility and time to add decorations such as sprinkles and sanding sugar.

Some recommended uses are:

    • Spread or pipe on soft sugar cookies
    • Use to sandwich whoopie pies or macarons

I hope this post helped you see the range of flexibility that the new Satin Ice Buttercream Icing Mix offers. The best way to get familiar with the various consistencies is to feel it for yourself. Once you feel the difference, it will be easy to recognize which recipe to use for which application. 


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