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Building a Cake Brand: Social Media Plan

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jan 15, 2018

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From hashtags to reposts - dig deeper with Haley Popp on how she puts together her social media plan to increase her customer list and overall business.

#Hashtags are your best friend on Instagram 

  • Tagging all brands that you use, for example #SatinIce, help immensely in getting your work in front of a global audience and increase your chances of being seen by that specific brand. 
  • Be sure to always tag the current trend! For example: #Unicorns #Geodes #Succulents and if there is something you are known for - don't by shy and hashtag that too! I always make sure people know that everything at #HiveBakery is made #FromScratch and that I’m a #PastryChef, #Baker or #CakeArtist in #FlowerMoundTx.
  • Include hashtags that describe who you are is important as well because it builds a sense of togetherness in this cake world and helps build a persona around your bakery.
  • Tag celebrities, movie directors, music artists, and any other pop culture icons you use as inspiration for your cakes. I made a cool, sculpted Slimer cake a year ago and tagged Ghostbusters official movie page and all of the actors on to generate buzz around the cake.  
  • Come up with a hashtag or two that only you use and over time you’ll build up a portfolio of your work under that hashtag and become known for it amongst your followers. It’s almost like a brand signature. 

Make it Personal 

My plan from day one has always been to really put myself and my brand out there for all to see. This way people can really get a feel for who I am and what I have to offer. Put your face on your product. I make it a point to every couple of weeks to post a picture of myself. I am the caker with red hair and tattoos and now people around town recognize me because they’ve seen me on social media. Seeing me regularly on social media helps remind people where the work/cakes are coming from. New followers like to know you (the person behind the cake), and it becomes more personable when clients order. 

Cross Post Content

Sharing content on both Instagram and Facebook has helped me reach a broader audience. They've brought me two very different audiences so it’s important to tap into both of them. 

Facebook offers an amazing opportunity to network through “likes” and “shares." On a monthly basis, I do giveaways to generate a lot of buzz and spread information quickly. If you have a great idea and enough people “share” it, you’ll accumulate a ton of “likes” which in turn brings orders! 

Instagram has brought me a more international following that’s helped me achieve notoriety among other cake artists and cake publications. 

Gain New Customers

Finding new clients is always the hard part in the beginning, persistence is key. 

  • Be incredible at what you do and you won't be ignored. Keep top of mind by posting pictures 3-4 times daily, on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Find local groups on Facebook that pertained to buying and selling of local crafts - and post work and information daily.
  • Join and share your work with international cake groups. Allow clients to see your activity in an international community. Being able to promote that your work and style is appreciated globally, helps you stand apart from the competition.

Tip from Haley: Social Media is a god send for small business owners looking to make a name for themselves. Use it!!


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