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Be My Valentine

Posted by Satin Ice, on Feb 11, 2020

2020 Heart Breaker 2 13

Mad For Tiny Treats

I Have Sweet ToothLili Cupcakes (below)

CupCakes ManufakturMiss Q StudioBelly's Bake Shop (below)
CupCakes ManufakturYum.CreationsEarth and Sugar (below)

Buttercream Bliss

Veronica Seta (below)
Pink Pineapple Cakes & Popsy Turvy Cakes (below)

Cookie Love

Ana Velazquez Cake Design, Club de Reposeria, Macarons Meringues & More, Ma Petite Maison DesignChahrazads Cuisine (below)

Layered Cake Artistry, Manisha Kaur, Simply Sweet Sammy, Moonlight Workshop, Priscilla' Cakes (below)

VanilleCouture, The Best Things in Life are Baked
Rojos Bakery, The Finer Details, House of Royal Velvet (below)

Bake Me Cake Me, Juniper Cakery, Angeles Delights, Epicurean Delights & Little Biskut (below)

Rojos Bakery, C Cakes By Rana, Sugar Sugar Bakery & Cakes Cookies Coffee (below)

Bella's Cakery (below)

Cheesy Cake 101 (below)

Creaciones Lady Bug (below)

Lady and The Whisk (below)

Little Biskut (below)

Lorena's Sweets (below)

Nadia's Sweet Shoppe (below)

Toute Sweet Cookies (below)

Friendly Faces

Sugar High Inc (below)

Daniela Cabrera & Mint Wonderland (below)

Jessitartas & Daniela Cabrera (below)

Bursting With Love

Caker Buddies, Vanille et Confettis, Cause Your Ohsome, The Cake Factory Tale(below)

Jackie Michele Cakes, Kawaii Cake DesignIntricate Icings, Cake Talk, Delicia Designs (below)

Priyanka Arora Nayak, Daniel Bakes, Kiz Bees Kitchen, Rose Dream Cakes, The Violet Cake Shop (below)

La chocolaterie, Bakery Treatz, Destiny's Delights, Custom Cakes By Manisha (below)

De La Creme Studio, Bellas CakerySugar Sugar Bakery, Vanilla Sky Sweets & Bakery adda (below)

Cakes And Bakes By Asmita, The Baker's Whisk,Frost Me SweetSweet Boucake  (below)

Ralitsa Kamburova & The Violet Cake Shop  (below)

Cakes With Character (below)

Fun Loving Accents

Cupcake Art, Hive Bakery, Melting Secrets By KirtiCakes By Kristi (below)

Toni Roberts, Belly's Bake Shop, Palmer's Bakery (below)

Sugar and Sparrow Co., Mr. Cakes USA, Elisa Strauss (below)

MJ Tabush Designs & MR Cakes USA (below)

Hive Bakery, The Sugar Coated Cottage, Seasonably Adorned & Caker Buddies (below)

Simply Sucre, Iced & Frosted & Hive Bakery (below)

C Cakes By Rana, Manisha Kaur, Cake Bash, Ana Velazquez Cake Design & Denises Delights (below)

Cakes & Bakes By Asmita (below)

Cute Cupcakes

Max Homemade CupcakesMelting Secrets by Kirti (below)

Rifkis Petite Treats (below)

Love Toppers

Sugar High IncCakes By Kristi & Sugar Coates Bakery (below)
Mint Wonderland, Catherine Beddall, Manisha Kaur & S For Cakes (below)
Cakes By Kristi, Moris Creations, Sugar Creatures Box, Stellar Cakistry (below)
Searching  Pretty Corners, Lil Chick Cupcakes, Sugar Creatures Box (below)

Crushing On Cute Cakes

Sugar Petals CA, Vanilla Sky Sweets, Lovely Cakes CT, Macarella_tap (below)
Cake Talk, Christina Kroger Custom Cakes, Sugar Studio, Macarons Meringues and More, Way Beyond Cakes By Mayen, VOM Dulce Imaginacion (below)
Elisa Strauss, VOM Dulce Imaginacion, Verusca Walker, Sweet Dreams By Heba, Dalila Cakes, Couture Desserts NYC (below)
Sumeru Creations, Art You Can EatCake Bash Studio (below)
DiMare Pastry & Cakery Creation (below)
Sweet Karma Desserts & Little Cupcakery (below)
The Violet Cake Shop, Sugar High Score, Til Death Cakes, Mr Cakes, The  Artilcious Cakery, Unicorn Fartss (below)


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