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A Year in Review...

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jan 07, 2022

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The votes are in... We saw some AMAZING creations this past year and they need to be celebrated!

Here our Favorites from last year.

January. . .

(Above) The London Baker

(Above) Hive Bakery & Shannon Murphy Custom Cakes

(Above) With Love By Esther James

(Above) Shannon Murphy Cakes & Ritzy Bakes

February. . .

(Above) Mel Boers

(Above) Petit Cakes Houston & Intricate Icings

(Above) A Few Cakes

(Above) Desserts by Ashley Rapalo, Cupcakes N Studs, Vonz Cake & Suss Cakes

(Above) Albena Cake Design

(Above) Seasonably AdornedEarth & Sugar, Jackie Michele Cake

(Above) Miss Sugar Lane

March. . .

(Above) Juniper Cakery

(Above) Made with Buttercream Icing Mix

(Above) Reema Siraj Studio & Veronica Seta

(Above) Rojos Bakery, Dec-o-Cake, Cafe Candirosa

(Above) De la Crème Creative Studio

(Above) Sweet Dreams NY & Designs by Alexandra

April. . .

(Above) Cake Life Chicago

(Above) Sweet Passions Cakery, Cubcakes Philippines, Carinitos Cake Boutique

(Above) Mr Cakes USA

(Above) Carinitos Cake Boutique,Hive Bakery, Stripingly Sweet, Shook Up Cakes


(Above) Sarah's Cakes and Sweets

(Above) Cakelyns Finest

(Above) Cocotown Designer Cakes

(Above) Christian Abby Cake, Mastello Creations, The Master's Baker

(Above) Bake-a-Boo

(Above) The After MealSoma Cakes


(Above) M's Bakes

(Above) Yellow Baking Delights, With Love Cakery, Chris Aranda

(Above) Cake by Annie

(Above) Kristen Reynolds & Sweet Delights Cakery

(Above) The Flour Girl


(Above) Dolce Dita Cakes

(Above) Sweet AlohaMandy's Custom Cakes, The After MealSugar Willow Cakes

(Above) Paola Tesone Cakes

(Above) Layers and Co. & Karamella Cupcakes

(Above) The Cake Dresser

(Above) Tatis Sweet Treats


(Above) Elegant Temptations

(Above) Nana Sprinkles BakeShop, Roxana's Cakes, Earth and Sugar

(Above) Sugar Blossom Bake Shop & Mimi's Cake Parlour

(Above) Cupcakes N Studs

(Above) Little Nuggets Bakery


(Above) Moon & Mercury Sweet Shop

(Above) Simply Scrumptious by AyeshaSoma Cakes, AnEk Crafts

(Above) Vonz Cake, Sucre Desserts, Cake Art By Kristen

(Above) Taartjes van An


(Above) Cubcakes Bakery

(Above) CRUMBSSweetart by Jules, The Little Vintage Baking Company

(Above) Baked By Alma

(Above) Sadia Cake Art, Miss Cake Ninja, Down to the KrumbFondant Wonderland

(Above)Cupcakes and Confetti

(Above) The Girl Next Door Bakes


(Above) Ponona Cakes

(Above) Cindy's Little Cakery & Pemberley Cakes

(Above) One by One Cakes

(Above) Sweet Panache Cakes, Noorz Cakes, Honey Bee Dulces, Luxury Cakes

(Above) The Sweet Talkers


(Above) The Cake Mamas

(Above) Azukita Cakes, The Mataarten Bond, Chris Aranda

(Above) Sprinkles Custom CakesOver the Top Cakes

(Above) Amy C. MrBride

(Above) Stripingly Sweet, Tasty Bakery, Miss Cake Ninja


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