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Posted by Satin Ice, on Aug 31, 2020

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Above - Left: Vanilla Pods by Kim. Bottom Middle: Sweet Surprise Cakes. Middle: Elian Reposteria. Right: Juniper Cakery. Top Middle: Sweet Passion Cakery.

Above - Left: Miss Cake Ninja. Bottom: Ponona Cakes. Top Right: Madame Dibou les gateaux. Top Middle: Pastelerina.

Above - Top Left: Cubcakes Phillipines. Bottom: Cakes By Kim Simons. Top Right: Cakes By Camille. Top Middle: Suss Cakes

Above - Top Left: Abbiecakes-ritabridges. Bottom Left: JE Taarten. Bottom Right: Magehia. Top Right:Signature Cakes HN.

Above - Top: Mastello Creations. Bottom Left: Sweet Surprise CakesBottom Right: Magehia.

Above - Left: Lizbekka Cakes. Right: Sweet Panache Cakes.

Above - Left: Sweet Cravings by Marcia. Right: Cocco Tortas.

Above - Top Left: Caked and Baked. Bottom Left: Mas Cakes. Right: Caked and Baked.

Above - Top Left: Stacked From Scratch. Bottom Left: One By One Cakes. Bottom Right: Ponona Cakes. Top Right: The Caketastic Experience. Top Middle: Pastelerina.

Above - Top Left: Hive Bakery. Bottom Left: Little Biskut. Bottom Right: Cakes With Character.
Top Right: 
Sucre On Delire. Top Middle: Magehia.

Above - Top Left: Cakes By Dee. Bottom: Sweetly Dipped Confections. Top Right: Cakeling Australia. Top Middle: Honey Bee Dulces.

Above - Top: Sweet Surprise Cakes. Bottom: Suss Cakes.

Above - Top: Iced Creations. Bottom Left: The Hungry Dragonfly. 
Bottom Right: The Sweet Tooth Cakery


Above - Top: Cir Cake Design. Bottom: Studio Happy Story. Left: Magehia

Above - Left: Cakerie Craft. Bottom: Suzanne Esper CakesRight: Not Too Sweet Bakery.
Top: The Violet Cake Shop.

Above - Top Left: Little Madames Gateau. Bottom Left: Lizbekka Cakes. Bottom Right: The French Cake Company. Top Right: Lizbekka Cakes

Above - LeftMastello Creations. Right: Fernanda Abarca Cakes 


Above - Top Left: Chubby Bubs SG. Bottom Left: Agridulce Vanemeyer
Right: Colab Cakery

Above - Top Left: Agridulce Vanmeyer. Bottom Left: Baking Rico
Right: la_Styliste Sucree.

Above - Top Left: Cuppa Cake Bakery. Bottom Left: ECBG Cake Studio.
Right: Dorje Desserts.

Above - Top Left: Sugar Suckle. Bottom Left: Suss Cakes. Right: Susan Carberry.

Above - Top Left: Studio Happy Story. Bottom Left: The Cake Mamas. Right: Cake By Camille.

Above - Left: The Violet Cake Shop. Bottom: La Styliste Sucre. Top  Right: Batter Up Bakery Ca. Top Middle: Sarah's Cakes and Sweets.

Above: Top Class Cakes. 

Above - Top Left: K Noelle Cakes. Bottom Left: Beauty and Batter NC. Bottom Right: Artsyedibles. Top Right: Jamie Cake SF.

Above - Top Left: Slice of Heaven Wedding. Bottom Left: Kasey Kakes. Bottom Right: Wright's Cake Shop. Top Right: Beauty and Batter NC.


Above - Top Left: Sweet Creations BCN. Bottom Left: Erin Schwartz
Right: The Violet Cake Shop.

Above - Top Left: Sweet Endings By Lulu. Bottom Left: Patisserie Du Bonheur. Bottom Right: The Sweet Boutique Bakery. Top Right: Paola Azzolina.

Above - All: The Oven Affairs by Elma Dsouza.


Above - Top Left: LIli CupcakesBottom Right: La Negrita. Right: Blissful Inspirations Cakes and Sweets.

Above - Top: Alice NivensBottom Left: Tickled Sweet Bakery. Bottom Right: Lau Reyes.

Above - Top Left: Sweet Endings By LuluBottom Left: Beauty and Batter NC. Bottom Right: Cool Cakes. Top Right: Nicha's.

Above - Top Left: Peavine CakesBottom Left: Oni Cupcakes. Bottom Right: Cake Designer Mexico
Top Right: Onemore Cakeart.

Above - Left: Vonz Cakes. Bottom: Cuppa Cake Bakery. Top Right: Your Cake Diva.
Middle: The After Meal.

Above - Top Left: Rebecca Davies Cake DesignBottom Left: Tasty Bakery PA.
Bottom Right: Patisserie Lawrence V. Top Right: Lori's Custom Cakes.

Above - Top Left: Studio Happy Story. Bottom Left: Shook Up Cakes. Bottom Right: Suss Cakes.
Top Right: CiCi's Cakery.


Above - Top Left: Magehia. Bottom Left: Sweet Surprise Cakes. Bottom Right: Pretty Special Cakes. Top Right: Ponona Cakes.

Above - Top Left: PPretty Special Cakes. Bottom Left: Erin Schwartz. Bottom Middle: Suss Cakes. Bottom Right: June PoppiesVanilla Sky Sweets. Top Right: Vom Dulce Imaginacion.

Above - Left: Bellaria Cake Design. Bottom Middle: Hive Bakery. Right: Frost Me Sweet. 
Top Middle:The Sweet Sensation Hemu Basu.

Above - All: Tartas Imposibles by Isabel Tamargo

Above - Top Left: Treat Me Sweetly. Bottom Left: Sweet Affection Cake Design. Right: Frost Me Sweet.


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