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How do ChocoPan products work differently than fondant?

ChocoPan products are made with real chocolate which has an oil base. This oil base allows for a longer working time, without drying or cracking. Pieces made with ChocoPan will get firm and hold their shape but will not dry out and can easily be reworked. ChocoPan products will adhere to themselves without water or additional adhesives. 

What kind of chocolate are ChocoPan products made with?

ChocoPan bright white and colored products are made with a premium white chocolate base while deep brown and black products are made with a premium dark chocolate base.

How do I get ChocoPan products out of the pail?

Turn the pail upside down on your table and press on the bottom of the pail. Modeling chocolate and covering chocolate will be firm when first opened. Use a flat-top spatula to cut pieces out. If the chocolate is too firm to knead, microwave in 5 second intervals. Avoid overworking or excessive heat. Knead pieces until they become smooth.

How do I avoid my piece from melting or sticking?

Work in a cool, dry environment and keep hands cool to avoid overheating the product. To avoid over softening the product while you work: wear disposable gloves, keep hands cool with a cool rag or a bucket of cold water, or put the piece in the refrigerator periodically. You can use a light application of cornstarch on the work surface to eliminate any sticking.

What are the best ways to color and paint on ChocoPan products?

ChocoPan colors can be mixed together, just like fondant. If you prefer to color modeling chocolate, add gel, paste, powder pigment or oil-based food color when kneading. To color covering chocolate, add food color gel or color paste when kneading. Add the colorant to a cupped bit of modeling chocolate. Knead the chocolate until it becomes the color you desire.  TIP: Wear disposable gloves to avoid staining your hands.

Both covering chocolate and modeling chocolate can be painted with gel food color or edible confectionery paint. Petal dust can be cut with lemon extract to simulate a drier texture.

Can modeling chocolate be mixed with fondant and gum paste?

It is possible to mix modeling chocolate with both fondant or gum paste. Mixing with gum paste will allow the structure to dry harder but will eliminate the ability to go back to the project and rework. Mixing modeling chocolate with fondant will give you a pliable mixture with a longer working time.


How do I store ChocoPan products?

Reseal tightly in a plastic bag and replace the lid of the pail. Store unused product in a cool, dry place (not refrigerator). You can place unopened pails of ChocoPan products in the freezer to extend shelf life. 

How do I store my finished ChocoPan piece?

Placing your finished creation in a refrigerator or using food grade cool spray will accelerate the set time. Finished pieces should not be exposed to temperatures over 75°F (24°C). Finished pieces can also be placed in the freezer - put the piece in a box, move to the refrigerator then to the freezer. When removing the piece from the freezer, slowly bring the piece to room temperature. A quick change in temperature will cause condensation to build on the piece and will compromise the finish of the piece. Both modeling chocolate and covering chocolate will always remain pliable for reworking if desired.


There is a coating of oil on top of the product upon opening

If the oils have separated due to high temperatures during shipping, allow the product to return to room temperature and knead thoroughly. Any oils that have separated will easily work back into the product.

The product is crumbly

Some crumbling will be normal since these are chocolate based products. Simply gather pieces together and knead in.

The product is melting as I work

If the product is melting, place it in a refrigerator until it becomes firm again. It is best to have cool hands when sculpting/decorating in order to avoid the oils separating and the product becoming sticky. Keep a cold rag nearby to keep hands cool while working.

Product Specifications

What allergies should I be aware of?

We are happy to say our ChocoPan products are Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Vegetarian. ChocoPan products do contain dairy.

What colors and sizes do you offer?

We offer ChocoPan products in many sizes in a variety of vibrant colors. All of our colors are formulated based on the regulations for the respective region or country. For more information, visit our Products page. Currently ChocoPan modeling chocolate and covering chocolate are only offered in the US and Canada.

Is ChocoPan by Satin Ice Kosher/Dairy?

Yes! For our Kosher Certificate, please contact us.

Where does your Palm Oil come from?

Satin Fine Foods, Inc. is committed to sourcing the best ingredients while keeping our customers satisfied and consistently delivering a premium quality product.

In order to keep that promise, we only purchase and use a Palm Oil vendor who is committed to sustainability and is an RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) member. We purchase from vendors who have established corporate sustainability commitments to build traceable palm oil supply chains and seek compliance throughout the supply chain relative to RSPO policies which includes: no deforestation, no peat, and no exploitation when maintaining all of their plantations as part of their commitment to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. We are assured our suppliers integrate responsible development into their operational plans and policies. Together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities, they monitor their impact on the environment and develop partnerships to conserve resources and biodiversity.

RSPO Members must be committed to the following:

a. Maintain membership of The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

b. Improving the sustainability of palm oil production processing and trading

c. Protect endangered animal species and natural habitats Support sustainable palm production – this includes ensuring sound environmental management on their own plantations and to work with NGOs and local communities to preserve biodiversity and protect populations and habitats of orangutans.

We at Satin Fine Foods continually investigate and keep up on the source of our ingredients. Our company remains dedicated and conscious of our product, our ingredients and how it effects the environment as well as our customers.

Quality Assurance

What product testing do you perform?

At Satin Fine Foods, we test every single batch of product we produce. We sheet our test samples and routinely test and grade for color, smell, temperature, taste, elasticity, smoothness, texture and aroma.

What Certifications do you have?

Satin Ice is proud to have the globally recognized certification, Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000).

What is the shelf life and what does the ‘Best Before’ Date mean?

The shelf life of our products range from 12-18 months, depending on ingredients and color and will be marked on each individual product with a ‘Best Before’ Date.

This date means that in order to experience the optimal texture, taste, color, aroma and workability of our product, we recommend using it before this date. Once the product has been opened, assuming it is still under the best before date and has been handled and stored properly (see Storage), we recommend using it within 6 months. Please note that all of our ChocoPan products can be stored in a cool, dry environment (not refrigerator) after opening.

Please note that prolonged exposure to light may affect color.

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