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The Night Before Christmas Cake

Learn to create a magical hand painted Christmas sleigh and reindeer cake from Artist of Excellence Karen Keaney!

By Karen Keaney
Roses and Bows Cakery

  • 1 6" round cake (6" tall) covered in white Satin Ice fondant
  • 1 8" round cake board covered in black Satin Ice fondant
  • Small amount of Satin Ice Fondant - white
  • Gel paste - black, white
  • Airbrush color - navy
  • Gold Petal/Luster Dust
  • Vodka/Grain Alcohol
  • New sponge
  • Airbrush
  • Circle Cutter
  • Small paintbrush
  • Ribbon for bottom of cake/Cake Board

Let's Get Started:

  • Roll out a small piece of white fondant and cut a circle from it. This will be the stencil fir the moon.

  • Choose a location on your cake for the moon - stick the cut circle to the cake. You just want this to hold for a little while so don't stick it on well. We will be removing this after airbrushing.

  • Take the clean new sponge and rip it up. This will act as our stencil for the clouds so try to get a jagged edge as you rip.

  • Holding the sponge up to your cake start to airbrush, leave gaps of white between the patches of color. Do this all over the cake. 

  • Once you're happy remove the fondant circle to reveal the moon.

  • Airbrush a few streaks across the moon.

  • Using the small paintbrush and white get paste mixed with a little alcohol paint some dots and stars in the sky.

  • I have hand painted my reindeer and sleigh, if you don't feel comfortable doing these there are stencils available to buy which will make this step easier for you. But if you would like to give it a try - I used a 000 paintbrush and some black gel paste mixed with a small amount of alcohol and practiced my reindeer on paper before painting onto the cake. There are lots of images online and even on old Christmas cards so pick on you like. 

  • Paint reindeer and then move onto the sleigh.

  • Remember - since it's a silhouette, it doesn't need to be too precise! 

  • At the bottom of your cake paint some squares and triangles to represent the rooftops.

  • Using gold luster dust mixed with alcohol paint windows in some of the houses.

  • For extra detail paint some dividers in the windows with black gel paste.

  • Once your cake is dry - place it onto your recovered board and add a ribbon trim.
  • The Night Before Christmas cake is now complete - Happy Holidays!

For more tutorials by Satin Ice Artist of Excellence Karen Keaney - check out her Facebook page.

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