Cool Summer Watermelon Slices

Follow along with this easy and refreshing tutorial!

By Sachiko Windbiel
Mimicafe Union

  • Satin Ice Fondant: Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, White, and Red
  • Black sprinkles

Let's Get Started:

  • Place the black sprinkles in the center of the red colored fondant.

  • Ball up the red fondant with the sprinkles and work it together thoroughly with your fingers so that the sprinkles are well mixed into the red fondant.

  • Roll the red fondant into a smooth red ball.

  • Place this red fondant ball into the center of a rolled out portion of white fondant.

  • Wrap the ball up like this.

  • Remove the excess fondant and lightly smooth white layer of fondant onto the outside of the ball.

  • Roll out a portion of watermelon dark green fondant and watermelon light green fondant

  • Layer the dark and light green pieces

  • Twist the two layers of fondant together - twisting your hands in opposite positions, so that the colors are well mixed and the assymetrical effect is achieved.

  • Roll out the combined green fondant into a thin layer.

  • Use a cookie cutter to cut out a 3" circle of the combined green fondant.

  • Wrap the mixed fondant around the white and red ball you created earlier.

  • Remove excess fondant. Gently smooth and gently shape into a ball.

  • Use a large knife to cleanly cut through the center of your melon, being careful not to exert too much pressure with your fingers.

  • Quarter the melon and/or cut the slices.

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