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Cake of the Month

Cake of the Month - Isabel Tamargo: Spain

Posted by Satin Ice, on Dec 03, 2015

COTM - Isabel

Satin Iced Cake of the Month Winner:

Isabel Tamargo

With a sculpting background, Spanish cake artist, Isabel Tamargo was able to recreate the perfect friendship between child and pup to grab the honor of November's Cake of the Month!

Name: Isabel Tamargo, Vizcaya, Spain

Business name: Tartas Imposibles

Education: Film and cinema, psychologist and a self-taught pastry chef and sculptor.

Facebook pagewww://

Describe the cake, details and techniques: I made this piece for an international collaboration for Friendship Day last May. I used Rice Krispies treats and a mix of homemade modeling chocolate and Satin Ice sugar paste.


What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
I tried to show one of those typical relationships between little kids and puppets - something funny and fresh.


So in order to do that I dressed up both and sculpted them drawing and getting messy on a table, having fun! 


How much time did you spend creating this cake?
It took me about 20 hours, including the painting.

What do you do while you work?
When I work I end up staying a few hours in my work place, so I really need something. I hate silence so sometimes I put on the radio, some pop, folk and opera. Sometimes I even put on the TV - I never watch it but the sound makes me comfortable while working. 

Congratulations Isabel!


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